Article: "Request to Resettle Syrian Refugees Presents Moral Dilemma for Pastor in U.S. Parish" (To Help Them Or Divide Parish Because of Fear of Danger)

Theisparish priest wants to follow Christ’s teaching over helping strangers in need, but he knows that if he brings Syrian refugees there it would cause division in his parish and could be devastating to our sense of unity, since many people in the parish are concerned this will put their own families in danger.
In recent homilies, he has asked parishioners to fast and pray as they consider what to do.

It seems the father knows what to do, he just has to have the strength to do it. “However, Fr. Gerritts is aware that following Christ requires sacrifice.” The right thing to do is to help these souls in need. And if his flock has an issue with helping those in need they need to take a hard look at themselves quite frankly. Their fears of putting “their own families in considerable danger,” are based on what exactly?

He needs to follow Christ by helping Syrian Christians into the country, not Muslims. The USCCB has been working with the Obama administration and other groups to bring Muslims here and leaving Syrian Christians in the danger zone. Only a miniscule number of Christian refugees have been allowed into our country while Muslims have been let in en masse. Why?

I think its because of the u.n. camps being unsafe for the christians?

And they should focus on relocating the christian ones, who HISTORICALLY have lived in syria much longer.

same panic over here re Muslim refugees.

Not sure what religion the ones we have taken in are?

No panic over here.

At least not that I know of.

We have a thriving Arab community over here so the refugees should not feel like strangers in a strange land. A lot of them are also Christians.

There have been reports of young men fleeing Syria, in very large numbers and with no other relatives. As they fall within the range of military age, and because there have been statements by ISIS, among others, of their intent to infiltrate Europe and the US, there has been serious concern.

Vetting anyone fleeing is not as simple as answering 20 questions and getting your passport stamped. The vetting process itself has been a political football with overtones of alleged racism. Couple that with an administration that calls a jihadist attack “workplace violence” and there are reasons for fear.

The likelihood of any given family being jihadist is a matter of statistics and the statistics are somewhere between fairly low and extremely low. I suspect that the coworkers in San Bernadino thought so too - including fear off his wife.

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