Article: The miracle of the loaves in the Bible is a real miracle, not a story about sharing as some say


Some have been saying that the Gospel writers misunderstood what really happened. What really happened is that Jesus preached to the crowd about caring and sharing and they responded by bringing out food from under their robes that they had been hiding from each other.

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This spin has been around since the German theologians of the 19th century. At its heart, it’s a pretty baldly anti-Semitic slant on the pericope. After all, what it asserts is “it would take a miracle for Jews to share their possessions with others!” :man_facepalming:


Which, the feeding of the 5,000, the 4,000, or the 100 (or does it make a difference?)

Your link clearly debunks that notion of sharing and no miracle

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That’s olde hatt news…

There’s never an end to those who play miracles which occurred as not being miracles. …

They’re making up their stories - without anything to support their opinion in opposition to Jesus

The Gospel Scribes are inspired by God. They’re not independent interpreters…

All the Miracles in the Bible occurred including Pentecost and more.


I have read about this odd interpretation after I became Catholic (never heard of it in Evangelical worlds). One time, in Va Beach, I actually heard it preached from the pulpit! I was a baby Catholic and almost walked out thinking this was a Catholic teaching (pre internet days).

I have heard of this “interpretation” about the miracle before as well. It doesn’t make any sense if you keep reading that passage. After the miracle, the people are so amazed that what do they want to do? They immediately want to make Jesus king!! In fact, he quickly gets out of there because his time had not yet come.

So, the question begs? If all they did was share the food with one another, why in the world would they want to make Jesus king? Common sense says that this was not the reason. They wouldn’t make him king for that.

I dunno… if the U.S. were to find a President who could get everyone to agree and work together, I think there’d be some folks who would crown him the New Messiah! :rofl: :wink:

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