Article:The perfect man does not exist, stop waiting



That’s wrong; he exists.

But he’s taken; my mother in law’s daughter married him . . .




I think I heard a priest say something to the extent of:

“You can’t be expecting to find a Joseph if you aren’t Mary.”

He was addressing a group of women.


Arggh. Articles like this annoy me. Mr. Campos has a genuinely good idea, but his lack of simple fact checking (Kate Middleton is the Duchess of CAMBRIDGE. She is not "PRINCESS KATE MIDDLETON) right at the start unfortunately calls into question any other facts or statements he makes. If you can’t be bothered to even get the right name of the person you’re making this big comparison to, why should we trust that you have anything else correct?

The simplest Googling of “Kate Middleton” brings up "Duchess of Cambridge’. The simplest search for a news article --and they are legion–in a major newspaper brings up Duchess of Cambridge.

Sigh. People simply don’t want to check their facts. They get an idea–a good idea --as I said, women should not be holding out for the perfect man any more than men should be holding out for the perfect women, first because none of us is perfect ourselves, and second because perfection is so ‘subjective’ and in insisting on some nebulous quality we have deemed ‘perfect’ at one point in our lives, we miss the true wonderful qualities in many people --and by golly, they’re so fixated on that, that they ignore checking anything else.

It’s like people who talk about how much they loved Jules Verne’s 'Around the World in 80 days" and the hero, Phineas Fogg.

Only problem, it’s PHILEAS Fogg.

Phineas is a more common name (though still not that common in much of the US) and spell check will pass it, so 99 out of 100 people will just say Phineas and be convinced they’re right, even though most of them probably have the book or could take 10 seconds to Google and thus get the correct name.

But it’s too much trouble.

Ok, now I need to go have some tea and do some knitting to relax!


She’s actually Princess William of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness of Carrickfergus.

…if you wanted to get technical. :wink:

Most of my fellow septics, though, wouldn’t know all that.


That. It’s like my wife being Mrs. Richard Hawkins. Marrying the noble doesn’t give the corresponding title/honorific, but it does make her the princess/duches/countess/etcess of whatever.

Similarly, all these years late, we still see incorrect references to “Princess Diana.”

Taking your work home again? :rofl:



The one thing annoying about these types of articles is, most people are realistic and are NOT looking for someone perfect. Geez, don’t underestimate single people.

Do people honestly think that those who are searching for someone expects someone perfect? Of course not!

Most dating advice are also preaching to the choir - You are not saying anything that we don’t know already, and conflicting.

It’s best to just do what you think is best, instead of listening to so called experts on dating and marriage, including here on this forum.


Gee, when I think of all the women I chased off because they were 5’4-1/32" rather than 5’4" . . .





I beg to differ! :smiley:


Good one!


You are wrong @CajunJoy65 the perfect man exist. He is Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and I won’t stop waiting for Him.


I believe that I’m the perfect man. Adam himself would be jealous of my perfection!


That in itself is an imperfection. LOL


I am a Mighty Prince :prince:t2: The Peasants do not understand my ways. For I am above them and I rule benevolently.


Well I still have more power over you.


This means War!


Personally I loved the article and agree with all of it.
It’s a good reality check to the types of women that are in love with a Hollywood movie romantic notion sort of love.
Sometimes it seems women like this can be more in love with the romance than the man himself.
Eg:any guy that does the stereotypical things of setting up a picnic by the beach at sunset,serenading her with a guitar etc…she “falls in love” with him.
Until the everyday reality sets in and she has to deal/know his day to day personality,then things change.

For me personally,I would rather a reliable man who is loving and committed through good and bad (poverty,dementia etc) rather that a super romantic guy who can say the right thing or make you feel good today but may not be there through thick and thin in the long run.

Unfortunately,what wasn’t addressed in the article is the reality that even when women don’t have unrealistic expectations/expect Prince Charming,there is still a “limited pool” of men compared to women in dating.
For every 5 women that want a serious relationship there are probably 3 men that want the same.
The 4th is a player,and the 5th is gay.
Amongst the “3” men in that are left,5 women are left to “fight over him” lol (so to speak).
Things become even worse as women get older,as potentially sometimes at least 1 of the “3 men left” will receive the attentions of a younger woman (due to lack of supply of quality men) and will then date that younger woman leaving the prospects even slimmer for older women.
I’ve read that the situation is reversed though in China with more men to every woman.

Add to this further complications such as if a woman is only willing to date/marry Catholic man (religious interest is decreasing in society), and prospects become even smaller.


My 2 cents…

I think all “dating advice” articles belong in the garbage can. I also think people think about finding a spouse or SO or whatever way too much. I was guilty of this when I was young and wish I had the time back that I spent daydreaming or worrying about finding someone. I did find someone but he was nothing like what I had dreamed about, and I’m also fine on my own.


From the article:
" Is as if you left everything up to fate. As if destiny had to bring someone special, unique, and chosen to your doorstep. That doesn’t happen."

God literally dropped mine at my doorstep, as a nextdoor neighbor with whom I shared a front porch. But as the article also suggests, if I had been too hung up on his job at the time, his lack of faith, him being a smoker, and some of the things he told me about his past…my own ideas/checklist would have interfered with God’s plan for our vocation.


My husband appeared suddenly rather than being the result of a long search :smiley:
I get the intention of the article,but honestly, we don’t need to marry. My husband was perfect for me and under this scale I wouldn’t have married him. He was told he should lower his expectations for years by friends and family and refused to. Luckily!!

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