Article:The perfect man does not exist, stop waiting


I met my husband at mass. I consider him a gift from God, dropped rght in front of me.


AW! It’s hard to be humble.


NOW THAT was the Lord in action for sure.


I’m glad I was young, inexperienced (clueless really), hubby was older and was responsible and a good person. God definitely picked him out for me because I was NOT headed in that direction for sure and for just “jumping in with both feet” I got a very good man.


We just had our 47th anniversary.


Adam would be jealous of anyone’s perfection.

He screwed up and blamed it on the chick. I’m sure he heard about that for years. Literally. Years.


I went on a Loser Hiatus - that’s actually what my friends and I called it. I got deployed soon after, and ran into this British dude who was a US Federal contractor. He seemed a bit annoying at first, but he took me out to lunch, so that was cool…


When he came to Oklahoma for New Year’s I sort of got the idea he might be serious.


This is sweet :heart_eyes::joy: My friends once made fun because of the “the more you say you won´t look for any relationships right now the faster you end up married” sentence could fit me well. I lived in a cigarette box of a student appartment and had my bed full of books, and one of my workmates told me more or less seriously “she´s like marc aurel with breasts” because I had a “far too direct and unromantic behaviour”.
…got engaged 9 months later…of course not to this guy…:joy:


The 5th is gay. That would make 20% of the male population gay. A little over the top maybe?

Actually, once read a statistical fact that is of interest. It was based on census data that 103 males babies are born for every 100 female babies. Because the female is the stronger of the sexes, young men die off from various causes more often than females. The equilibrium age is 23. After that, statistically, there are more women than men in a given “pool”. An interesting statistic to consider maybe, as women are putting off marriage for education and careers to a later and later age in today’s world. Sure makes the 3/4/5 position a lot more tenuous for the young woman desiring a husband and family.
Ladies, when you have finished your education, invested in a solid career, have all the “toys and stuff” you think you need for marriage, and are ready at, oh say, 33 to settle down, the pool in which you are fishing is going to be significantly depleted.
My $.02.




It’s not like it used to be two income households are new norm. What’s wrong with putting off marriage for a career?


Nothing, I am just pointing out that it can have consequences. Lifelong happy marriage when married at 25, or successful career and questionable marriage at 35? Which do you choose?
I think many of these problems with the failure rate of marriages started by in the 70’s with that Michelob beer commercial that had the tag line, “you can have it all.” Unfortunately that is the thinking of so many today that life is a journey seeking perfect fulfillment and happiness in all circumstance.


I don’t think anyone is guaranteed a lifelong happy marriage because they wed at 25.


[quote=“Jump4Joy, post:31, topic:492358, full:true”] What’s wrong with putting off marriage for a career?
It isn’t really putting it off if you haven’t met your person yet. If you have met the person you know God means for you to marry, and you’re both adults, I can’t imagine why you would put it off for very long for a career.

I hate when people set age goals for when they need to be married by or not married until. Seems like its less about the right time and more about the right person.


No, but it has been my empirical experience of many, many friends and college buddies that married at 25 (or younger) have been together now for almost 50 years. Why, because their focus was on their partner, and not all the right “stuff” needed for marriage (at least in the minds of today’s crowd). I really think the “I’m not going to marry until I have all the needed prerequisites for a materially successful marriage” are accomplished works against the probabily of lifelong marriages. The emphasis is in the wrong place.

No, marriage at 25 guarantees nothing. But I grew up in a culture where people married for love and married young, (Pre-25) and that divorce rate is around 15%. Today it is over 50%. Somethings changed and it has more to do than with the “sexual revolution.”


Some of the things people want to do before getting married seem unnecessary (for instance, buy a house). However, it’s wise of any woman these days to be able to support herself. Often this means getting a college education and establishing a career. It’s very difficult to live on one income, and women do not always have a support network if something happens to their husbands (whether he dies, is disabled, or leaves).

Women aren’t the only ones choosing to marry later, either. Men are marrying later, too. It is hard to establish yourself in a career, afford housing, and start a family for people whose wages don’t even pay them enough to make payments on student loans.


I do so exist! I’m indignant that anyone would suggest otherwise!!


I was being a bit tongue in cheek.
Sometimes it does seem like it though🙂.


I too consider my husband a gift from God, who put him in the next cube from me at my first job after college.
It was like one of those presents you get from some relative and you look and say, “What am I going to do with this? I really did not need or want one of these and would rather have had X” but then it turns out to be surprisingly nice and useful down the road.

There are days when I have worried that I didn’t appreciate or love my husband enough, so God took his “gift” back, but a priest in confession told me it wasn’t my fault, so I just have to accept that God wants me to do something else now.


Your husband is deceased?

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