Article: transgender athletes claiming to be woman destroying womens' sports

Every woman’s record in sports “will fall” if male athletes who identify as transgender women are allowed to compete in female sports, former Olympic athlete Rebecca Dussault said.

Male athletes who identify as transgender have been piling up victories where allowed to compete in female events.

Men are physiologically designed differently than women in ways that allow them to win, she said.


Yep. Not fair, not right, not necessary. Go by the gender at birth as far as athletics. The only fair way.


Remember the East German “Women’s” swim team? Most looked like Arnold in a two-piece.


And especially since many of the men who have issues with gender dysphoria have a history of taking steroids in their past. Their bodies have been even further built up by these synthetic hormones.

And the poor dears are forced to shave their beards, give them a break.

And just think about these poor women trans; they are not going to have a chance to win a man’s race, I think something needs to be done about this to make it fair. :cry:

I don’t know if it has changed or not, but in the sport of figure skating, where males have a definite advantage over females because of their male bodies’ center of gravity which allows them to be able to jump higher and complete more revolutions in the air, the rules required that a male transitioning into a female had to wait until they completed quite a lengthy time on female hormones (several years?? can’t remember exactly how long) before registering to compete as a female.

In other words, a male figure skater can’t just declare himself a female and enter a competition because they would almost certainly decimate the female entrants.

I’m very glad of this. The sport has a very small number of participants at the high levels in the U.S. and the numbers are decreasing as the sport has less visibility on the television (and most people are not watching it, but are streaming made-for-TV movies and series on non-network channels), and to allow males to simply declare themselves female and compete would be a public relations disaster for the sport.

Also, figure skaters are required to complete a series of figure skating tests which increase in difficulty through the highest test, the Senior Test. Two types of tests are required to be allowed to compete in freeskating (which is what you see on TV)–Moves in the Field Senior Test, and Freeskate Senior Test. (Before they Senior test, the test levels that must be completed are Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, and finally Senior–these tests take a typical figure skater years to prepare for, and many skaters have to attempt the tests several times before passing.
The tests are also expensive–the lower-level tests are around $25 or so, but the higher level tests cost several hundred dollars because the judges who are qualified to judge that level must be flown in to the rink where the skater is testing.).

Both males and females take the same tests, so there is no requirement for the transitioning skater to re-take tests that they have already passed. But I’m guessing that trying to pass the higher-level tests while transitioning is a challenge as the body is constantly changing and elements that were learned as one sex would have to be re-learned. So transitioning while trying to complete the tests would discourage a lot of skaters.

At the adult level, I know that there are several trans skaters who have completed their transition. But it’s hard for them. Adults have a harder time with the sport in general because it’s very hard to maintain the high fitness level that a younger skater has, and adult maladies like osteoarthritis, hearing issues, sight issues, weight gain, and aches and pains of aging tend to make it hard to maintain a high technical level. Plus, there’s that annoying job that gets in the way of practice time!

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Sorry to be un-pc, but there are fundamental differences between men and women that are there before you are born. That doesn’t mean the genders are not equal or one is better than the other of course.

As a general rule, men are stronger than women, especially when it comes to sports. Letting transgender men participate as women is complete and total garbage and a denial of basic biology. It’s funny to me because feminists are caught in a tough place-they want to support womens rights, but they wan’t to be politically correct and support transgender rights too.


:laughing: This is silly. Transgender folks make up about .06% of the population and the even if everyone of them was a serious athlete (and they aren’t) they would barely make a dent. By the time they were old be serious competition (high school, college, pro) many will have left cooperative sports behind for the same reasons cisgender athletes leave: training is expensive, injuries, not wanting pressure or investment of time. As it is, there are rules in place and have been for years. The main concern is an unfair physical advantage but that’s nothing without talent, skill as well as the training, conditioning and practice. They also can look forward to facing demoralizing opposition, including death threats.


I used to play on a sports team where one of my teammates was trans. She honestly had no advantage over the rest of us. Years of hormone injections had given her the equivalent muscle mass as the rest of us and she was the same height as the two other tall females on the team.

She is one of the kindest, gentlest people I have met and was accepted by the rest of the girls as one of the team. We never had any complaints from the opposition teams over the years either.

Whatever you think about the rights and wrongs of changing gender, the reality is that trans people are just like the rest of us. We’re all flawed, we all need love and support and we all need friends that we make from hobbies and interests such as sports teams.


I think that the point of the complaint is that competition is not a flat field if the physical changes aren’t accounted for. A similar event several years ago caused a stir because a pro golfer wanted to use a vehicle due to some condition, while others had to walk. The person may or may not have been trying to obtain an advantage, but any such rule, unless it also allowed anyone else to choose whether or not they could use a vehicle also, would be inherently be unfair in favor of the original person. Employment is one thing, professional athletic competition is a different matter entirely, regardless of monetary compensation.

I guess the thing is there is a great variation in body types, strength and muscle mass within the genders as well as between. Look at David Silva compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but they both play on the same pitch.

I take your point, as I think Oscar Pistorius was not allowed to compete with able bodied runners due to the possible advantage his prosthetic gave him. However, I do feel we need to avoid knee jerk reactions to trans people playing sports in leagues/teams with people of their “new” gender (just to be clear I am not accusing you of a knee jerk reaction :blush:).

I guess what i am saying is that what happens at professional level also filters down to amateur level. We need to be mindful of that and that it doesn’t become exclusionary for an already vulnerable group of people. As I said, as someone who is friends with a couple of trans people and has had a trans football (soccer) team-mate it was a non-issue when it came down to it.

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I would just love to say how I really feel about this but the flaggers have been awful busy lately so I better not.

Surely we can all discuss this issue without your comments being flagged?

I’m well aware that my views are probably a little out of step with everyone else on here but I can still express them in (what I hope is) a constructive and respectful dialogue. Fingers crossed I don’t get flagged!

I disagree. You’re already seeing male to female trans people breaking world records. What is silly is pretending there isn’t a physical difference between the sexes. Testosterone is a thing. As is body shape. They provide real advantages. Does it guarantee anything? No. But it sure kicks the legs out from under a level playing field.


I think when competing in sports the best way to be fair is to go by sex, not gender. I realize this makes it hard on people with gender dysphoria; but by just pretending there is no difference it is unfair to those with whom they compete.

My daughter loves volleyball. She practices it all the time. She herself admits she gets intimidated if she has to play boys who have experience.

I also did Judo for years; and ran into one young lady who couldn’t handle men physically handling her. We gave her space and respect. We never knew why she felt that way but felt that somewhere along the line a man had not treated her well. If a trans ‘woman’ and insists on competing with her what is she to do?

We can treat the transgendered with dignity and respect without pretending there is no difference between them and their desired gender.

Show me all these athletes. I found a couple.

And btw, have you seen what cisgender female athletes are doing? Simone Biles had two more skills named for her and no one else is doing them, including men. There are women in ladies figure skating successfully competing quad jumps. Mens are doing more of them but breaking records isn’t just for men.

Would you concede that some sports should be off limits to male to female transgenders? For example the situation we now face in the South Pacific region.

Laurel Hubbard was a male NZ weightlifter for (his) main athletics career winning many titles. Now at 40 having changed sex, is re starting a career in womens weightlifting and scooping up all the titles across the Pacific region. There is simply no way for a natural born woman to ever defeat a natural born man at the top of the weighlifting game as a male.

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Why say cigender female? Why not just say female?


To be clear that I’m not referring to transwomen.


There is a debate to be had about mixed gender sports for sure. Over here in the UK males and females can now play football (soccer) on the same team up to the age of 18 and it has caused no problems. I have played football in mixed gender teams and had no issue.
However, I would hate to think of any individual, such as your daughter, being too intimidated to play the sport she loves.
With trans people playing sports for teams of their “new” gender, we’re not talking about co-ed sports though. As I said, with hormone injections etc the differences in muscles mass are pretty much non existent. I think it is a topic that deserves consideration and I certainly understand your points. However having had experience of playing sports with a trans female friend I can honestly tell you that if she had not have shared the fact that she was trans with us, we would not have known.

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