Article Urges orthodox Catholics and Evangelicals to Firm Action

I agree with this author and will further state that I believe that for us to do anything less
than what this author encourages, is tantamount to high treason against Christ.
Thank God at least our bishops have stood up and so have so far 43 Catholic

There may be a bit of over-reaction and hyperbole here.

If the order is observed, the funeral of the Church is assured, as the Church would be completely absorbed by the State, totally subject to the State’s mores.

It’s not an investiture controversy. My goodness. The funeral is assured, and the Church is totally absorbed by the state? No no no, my friend, that would be happening if the state was in charge of appointing and deposing the leaders of churches, allowing or disallowing the convening of councils, and maintaining control over the unity that can be had between American religious institutions and those outside the United States.

Taking it seriously is one thing, but this is not the worst thing ever or the worst thing possible or even the worst thing of its kind that’s happening in developed, post-industrial countries today. Christianity has been through much worse, and in fairly recent memory.

So there’s parts of this that make me say “Come on.”

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