Article: What’s it like to have your child or sibling declared a saint, and to be part of the ceremony?

This article tells of instances when this happened, Just this October 10 Blessed Carlo Acutis was beatified in the presence of both parents and two younger siblings, who will grow up knowing their older brother is a saint.

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Such a blessing! I can’t even imagine their joy!

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I’m quite sure I’ll never have to worry about this scenario.

I know the parents are likely very thrilled.

But I always wonder a bit about the siblings. It seems like in some cases the whole family just accepted that So-and-so was the family saint and that’s just how it was and they’re happy about it. But one would have to have great humilty not to be a resentful sibling in the case of your brother or sister getting canonized while you yourself just continue to muddle along with life, especially if said brother or sister died young and you’re still having to deal with decades of responsibilities.

We all see cases where one sibling becomes a world leader or a super-responsible respected important VIP and the other sibling has a drinking problem or a messed-up life. Becoming a saint is even more VIP than becoming the President or the AG of a state or something.

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