Articles re: Reasons to get married in the Church?

My cousin got annulled and then got married in a Protestant Church. She has been dragging her feet about getting the Marriage blessed b/c her husband is disinterested.

I want to write her a letter about this and include info:

This is what I need:
*]Article which is “approachable” (light reading) for her to read about the importance of getting her Marriage blessed.
*]Article for her reluctant husband who is Prot. why it is important for her to get marriage blessed
*]Any way you would have me approach this in a non confrontational way???[/LIST]Thank you so much!

A big reason would be that if your cousin is Catholic then she’s actually not married.

Well, I understand that, but I need to help her understand that.

Is there any way she can get a radical sanation, if it’s the non-Catholic hubby who isn’t interested? He wouldn’t need to be involved.

Tell her to talk to a priest about it.

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