Artificial Birth Control 75yrs ago


A while ago I pick up a old book explaing many of the main stream relions beliefs and doctrins. On the issue of artificial birth control half were againt it and said it was sinful. I wonder if any other denominations, beside the Catholic Church, still teaches that *artificial *birth control is wrong.


Good question! I’m curious too! I know LDS and other denominations have a choice. The protestant churchs back several years ago rejected it


during my graduate history research I used a lot of archival collections of letters and things from women in the WWI and 20s era, mostly upperclass American women from the midwest who spent time in Europe during that time. A constant theme and recurring topic of discussion in their letters with their friends and especially husbands was birth control, which at that time consisted of condoms and the relatively new diaphragm, and sometimes sponges. There were several books by “marriage experts” (ancestors of the anti-life social scientists we contend with today) urging birth control to space births or eliminate them altogether. The goal was something called “companionate marriage” in which a wife could pursue a career or club work, social work or some other volunteer endeavor, without the burden of children, and thus would somehow be more of an equal with her husband. In addition, pushing birth control and even sterilization on the poor, especially negroes, and immigrants (largely Jewish or Catholic from non-WASP countries) was hailed as a key part of the reform movement. The social, health and family aspects of this so-called progress were debated in religious bodies too. the Lambeth Conference (worldwide meeting of Anglican and Episcopal leadership) in the 1930s was the first endorsement of this mentality, and other mainstream Protestant denominations followed suit.

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