Artificial birth control and Sacrilege


Is it possible for someone who uses artificial birth control to receive the Eucharist? Surely it could be sacrilege ? Is that what St.Paul referred to as drinking damnation on oneself?


Yes it is if it is being used specifically for birth control and not for medical reasons.


Using ABC for the intention of contracepting (as opposed to for a medical condition) would be a grave matter and would be a mortal sin if done with full knowledge and consent. Knowingly receiving in a state of mortal sin is sacrilege. So yes it can be.


It is a grave sin to receive the Eucharist if conscious of unconfessed grave sin. Using contraception is grave matter.

(This is NOT the same as hormone therapy with the side effect of infertility.)


Thanks for all replies. It seems sacrilege could be rife then. Lord have mercy


It is possible for someone using ABC to receive the Eucharist, as long as it is being used for another reason other than birth control. Many women use ABC to control acne, endometriosis, migraines, and much more. As always, it is best to discuss this with your priest.

Some here will argue that the aforementioned issues do not warranted ABC and can be treated in a different way. One should refrain from giving medical advice and should trust that people, in their best ability, are seeking good medical advice that helps them live pain free or at least comfortable lives.

It’s also handy not to judge others merely because you know they use ABCs. Plenty of women use ABC temporarily to test the waters on their medical issues, and then hop off them. Some need to take them for a long time, or forever. Some women also because of their problems and the treatment available to them may never conceived children.

Everyone has their own cross to carry, I’m busy carrying mine. Lending a helping hand to my brothers and sisters in Christ? Yes please! Meddle in their affairs and judge them? No thank you.


I cannot imagine that a person who had knowledge and consent that contraception was a mortal sin would keep doing it. We do no judge others, so, leave that to this person and his/her priest.


If someone is using birth control(even for medical purposes) and having relations they are at risk for killing a prenatal child. Birth control is intrinsically evil, and never allowed. I’m done after this post as I’m losing my patience with CAF posters and even some staff.


The Church allows birth control (NFP) but not contraception.

That you have an almost reparational approach to not having relations while the wife is on hormones, and it might be meritorious for you, it isn’t required by the Church.


Still not true no matter how many times you repeat it.


If this is you, speak to your Priest. If it’s to you, it’s not your business.

You can point out church law and suggest the person speak to the priest, but that’s it.
We have no idea , if the person taking it is even aware of the Church’s stance so we cannot condemn then as grave sin. That requires three conditions.


However, that is not the teaching of the Church.


If this is the case, why do you constantly pop into these threads? There will always be a differing opinion to yours.

Mine is linked directly to Church teaching.

When it comes to medical matters, it is incredibly important to listen to your trusted medical professional and consult with your priest.

The quote below is from:

I strongly suggestion you read it, @LittleFlower378

The principle is simple: The direct killing of an innocent life is a grave evil and is never allowed, but when the mother’s life is in danger, medical ethics have always recognized the principle of double effect. And so has the Catholic Church, which has long protected the life of the mother. In 1907, long before abortion on demand was legal through most of the Western world, the Catholic Encyclopedia included this statement in its article on abortion:

If medical treatment or surgical operation, necessary to save a mother’s life, is applied to her organism (though the child’s death would, or at least might, follow as a regretted but unavoidable consequence), it should not be maintained that the fetal life is thereby directly attacked.


On the topic of spouses and having relations, Jimmy Akin really sums it up pretty well (below is the 4 minute video). If you have tried to pray, educate, love, and are having a hard time getting through you may not have to refrain from marital relations if doing so would harm the relationship even further.

You should continue to pray, and seek out moments where the other party may be open to discuss the matter.


This is a whole new topic. This is an indirect abortion,and can be allowed if the good circumstances outweigh the bad. But a direct killing of the innocent life if a direct abortion and is intrinsically evil. So I agree with your above post.


Contraception is intrinsically evil. Not all birth control is contraception.

Caffeine may interfere with implantation. Same goes for anti-inflammatory meds (like ibuprofen)

You are creating your own doctrine as the Church does not require married couples to refrain when one of them is taking medication that may hinder implantation.


Did you listen to Jimmy Akin at the end of the talk? Abortifacient contraception is different. He wasnt clear enough. If using abortifacient contraception it risks killing the child so how could it be worth having marital relations when you know beforehand that your own child could be killed?


Wonderful! :pray:t2:

The same principle applies to other therapeutic treatments.

Artificial birth control is basically very potent hormone therapy, and does help many women who suffer from various medical ailments. Again, these all need to be discussed with a priest and a doctor whom you trust and who understand your circumstances (or your wife’s).

@LittleFlower378, I post that video so much here.

I don’t really feel like the whole is the Pill abortifacient debate right now.



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