Artificial contraception of births--the promise of the past becomes a nightmare; the Pope in 1968 as prophet (an article)


During the same period in the late 1960s when many Catholics began happily using artificial contraception, the Pope in 1968 banned it and predicted that it would lead to a lowering of moral standards, marital infidelity, a reduction of women to sex objects, and governments forcing people to use contraception. While such Catholics believed that contraception would mean a happy future, instead this promise has backfired, and marriage, families, and children have taken a huge hit. The pope's predictions all came true in the ways this article details, the article at


coincidentally, i've posted quotes and linked to humanae vitae several times in the past couple of days.

here it is again. it's an extrordianary encyclical. and yes, prophetic too. frighteningly so.


The article's conclusion:

Time will prove where wisdom lies. What have we learned in over forty years of contraception? First we have learned that it is a huge failure in meeting its promises. It has backfired. It has made things worse, not better. Marriage, families, children have all taken a huge hit. Bad behavior has been encouraged and all the bad consequences that flow from it are flourishing. Most people seem largely disinterested in this data. Hearts have become numb and minds have gone to sleep. I hope you are not among them and that you might consider this information well and share it with others. Time HAS proved where wisdom lay. It’s time to admit the obvious.


It is so hard for me to bring this up around woman my age. I wish they would be open to hearing some of this.They look at me like I'm nuts. Thankfully my husbands got my back. :D


I can't even begin to tell you how many women I know who have gotten pregnant while on birth control, and these weren't ignorant young women who didn't use it correctly. They were careful, well-educated women who knew exactly how it worked yet were surprised to learn that even with 100% correct use, birth control doesn't work 100% of the time. Birth control hasn't lived up to any of its promises, even it's direct one - to prevent birth! So you can be sure that it hasn't lived up to any of its other promises to stop abortion, lower divorce rates, etc.!


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