Artificial intelligence, good, bad or neutral?

Listening to a neuroscientist the other day telling me about a new discovery about how the human brain works and it’s implications for artificial intelligence I couldn’t help wondering how long it would be before they simulate a human intelligence, and what they’d do with it!

Any thoughts on this?

My brain hurts just thinkng about it!

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A.I. has been around for a very long time. Also known as fat heads who think they know everything. LOL!

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Artificial intelligence is a fascinating subject and because the human mind is so complex it attracts a lot of computer scientists to attempt to find ways to simulate its workings. I know one person like this but what worries me is what happens if they succeed. In theory I feel that they won’t be looking for a neurotic simulation but one which is capable of having piercing logic, but what will this be applied to? War?

I think it’s mans desire for God which spurs him on in some ways but I fear we will create a monster instead.

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