Artist's controversial sculpture in London entitled 'Madonna and Child'

Has anyone heard about the controversial sculpture currently being displayed in London entitled, ‘Madonna and Child’ and depicting Michael Jackson holding his child out of a window of a recording studio? This is not only condescending and upsetting for Jackson’s family, children and friends, but it is also an assault on Mary, don’t you think?

See here for the details:

Gosh, I don’t know. Is it offensive to the memory of Michael Jackson? Doesn’t it realistically depict what he actually did?

An assault on Mary? Other than that title, which I do find odd, how does the sculpture attack Mary?

I realize the sculpture is generating a lot of controversy, including death threats.

However, I guess I don’t understand why people are so upset. Would someone be willing to explain?

Having read the law that is set forth in the link, I am surprised that people who love freedom of speech could tolerate such a thing.

It is more of a mockery of freedom than the statue’s title is a mockery of the Faith.

Dale, you have raised some good questions. I personally think that the sculpture itself isn’t insulting to Mary, nor to the Catholic faith in general. The absurd name that the artist has given it could well be construed as offensive, however. I am not sure what motivated that. I believe that many people are upset, not because it doesn’t realistically portray an event that happened, but because it focusses on around three seconds of a man’s entire life, a good proportion of which was spent doing humanitarian work, although the mainstream media would have us believe otherwise. It is a shame that an artist feels the only way to gain attention is to focus on the negative rather than the positive, but I guess that this has become an unfortunate aspect of modern day society, in which people prefer to pull others down and to shun forgiveness and compassion.

Warrenton, I guess it is a matter of opinion. I personally would always put my faith above freedom of speech, and of course, one has to abide by the law. It is of course important to have freedom of speech in a democratic society, but it has to be tempered with responsibility. Take Michael Jackson out of the equation for a moment and let’s imagine someone you knew and dearly loved who recently passed away was sculpted in a way which emphasised a mistake they’d made years ago, and then hung out of the window of a local businesses premises for the sake of ‘art’. I don’t think you’d be too happy, and rightly so.

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