Artists with bad lifestyles

is it wrong to purchase songs from artists that may not have the most moral lifestyles?

mostly, they have bad songs too, but once in a while, they will actually put out one that is clean and half-decent

I’m thinking along the lines of shakira or Rihanna, a lot of hypersexualized stuff, but if you look hard enough, you can find some that are ok, like Shakira’s first couple albums, in Spanish, when she was just starting out, the lyrics are fine.

those are not the only ones, just a couple examples

I always saw it as if you supported the good songs, it would mean that’s the type of song you would want them to keep making and with the invention of iTunes, you can select the single song you want, without having to buy the whole album

I suppose I’m second guessing myself now though, wouldn’t you also sort of be contributing to whatever bad stuff they’re doing with the money they make off of you? or is this just scrupulosity?


Keep in mind their ‘immoral lifestyle’ is probably not real either, celebrities and other famous artists have handlers, public image people, managers, etc all working for them, they sort of create a fictional person based on what genre and demographic they are going for, like gangster rap artists, surely their ‘lifestyles’ will be made to seem like they are street smart, not worried about police, laws, willing to kill, steal, etc. But this is not the REAL person behind that image, more than likely they lead normal lives like they rest of us, more money and fame yes, but they are certainly nothing like their public images make them out to be.

Buy the ones that seem acceptable to you and pass up the music that you don’t find favorable. It’s your choice. It’s like going to a bar&grill or just going to a restaurant. Life is full of choices. Peace.

Actually, you can go to a bar&grill and still make good choices.:stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an article from This Rock

Certainly, artists are answerable to God for the uses to which they put their gifts. Art deliberately marked with corruption has little to recommend it. "Art which offends God offends the Christian too, and . . . immediately loses . . . any claim to beauty (Maritain, Art and Scholasticism, ch. 9). In the end, it is for us to judge art, not artists. We may enjoy artistic greatness wherever we may find it, no matter by whom produced, and pray God, we may yet meet the artist in the heavenly kingdom.’-sake

I was a teen during the hard rock era. For the most part I liked the beat, and the sound of the melody including the vocals when I often could not understand the words in the vocals. Years later I would look up song lyrics for some of my favorites and think, “Gosh that was a stupid song”, and knew I would not have liked it back then had I understood it.

For some songs, me too.




Immoral performances on video are quite real.


Yes, but I would argue when these things happen, they were ‘scripted’ and planned, done to further promote whatever image and demographic they are shooting for.

Justin Bieber is a good example of this, early on, he was largely seen to be a ‘goody two shoes normal white kid’, as he got older, and he was trying to create an image of a bad boy/ trouble maker, this is when he was frequently caught on video doing wild and crazy antics, encounters with police, etc. this is all done for a certain reason imo.

Even being arrested is not that big of deal, if he is a first time offender, all the media coverage, Youtube videos, will likely result in more fans, more sales, so a legal issue that may cost them a couple grand or so, could potentially make them millions just from new fans, increased sales.

This kind of thing is also seen frequently in the rap music scene, more than a few rap artists have had legal problems resulting from carrying guns, selling drugs, etc. a criminal record is actually a good thing for those folks, increases their ‘street credit’, more fans will buy merchandise, music…but in reality they are nothing close to their image, they likely live in the Hollywood hills or Bel air, dine at 5 star restaurants, etc.

He and artists like him are HUGE cash cows for the labels they are with, as well as other sponsors, I have to believe everything they do is well thought out and planned in advance, all to promote more sales, grow their demographic.

Participating or engaging in immoral activity is no excuse. I don’t want see no rap video with scantily clad teenagers in the background and profanity coming out of the mouth of the singer.

I know “show business.” People are just another product to sell. I know that. It’s all carefully scripted by experts who use them to continue a campaign of promoting lewd, immoral behavior. It is wrong to make money off this or allow themselves to be used. These people have brains. They can choose differently. It’s up to them, not to the people who manage them.

And if they refuse to comply, the money people know there’s a long line of others waiting to do it. So, people are just product.

I want to see zero growth in the immoral demographic.


I agree, but unfortunately the opposite is happening in modern times, I remember back in the mid 80s, early 90s, there was big debate about this kind of thing, Tipper Gore was leading a strong fight against the music industry, but today, heck, we dont even see anyone bringing the topic up anymore…did everyone just give up?

No. There are still individuals and groups that are against this. I buy zero music and I don’t bother to listen to certain (most) modern music. The radio in my car stays off.


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