As a Catholic am I allowed to engage in Muslim prayer?


I was just wondering, as a Catholic, am I able to participate in meditation of muslim prayer beads without becoming Muslim myself? I love anglican and lutheran forms of prayer beads, and the Divine Mercy Chaplet is wonderful, and the Most Holy Rosary is still the best and classic…

But since this is Islam I’m talking about, am I not allowed to surpass religious boundaries on such praying rituals, since praying with them is an automatic signature that I worship Allah. But using meditational prayers on the tasbih, which meditates on the 99 names of Allah, is it allowed?


Dear Silver,

Anglican and Lutheran forms of prayer beads? They can only have their origin in Catholicism. What is this? No form of Christianity has a greater variety of prayer forms than does the Catholic Church. I doubt that you are even aware of most them, let alone have tried them. Why in God’s name would you want to engage in a prayer involving the 99 names of Allah when you are a committed Catholic? This boggles the mind!

Short answer: Heavens NO!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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