As a Catholic, Baptist or as a non-Catholic Christian, where do you stand on the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)?...Viewer discretion is advised!!!

As a Catholic, Baptist or as a non-Catholic Christian, where do you stand on the [FONT=Arial]Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)? How about as an American?[/FONT]

Personally, as a patriotic American and an observant Roman Catholic, I am very offended and I find this organization, their comments and their actions to be very despicable and reprehensible. They not only harass bereaving family members, at the funerals’ of slain American Soldiers, they slander the Catholic Church and Catholics.

These so-called “Christians” disgust me. How can these people call themselves Christian?

Should this group be considered a “Christian” denomination or are they simply a hate group and /or a political action group? Who funds these people? Who is their leader?


*]Is the [FONT=Arial]Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) a hate group?[/FONT]
*][FONT=Arial]Is the [FONT=Arial]Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) a Political Action Group, disguised as a Christian denomination[/FONT]?[/FONT]
*]Should the [FONT=Arial]Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) be recognized as a Christian denomination?[/FONT]
*] [FONT=Arial]Should the [FONT=Arial]Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) lose their tax excemption? [/FONT][/FONT]
These are my thoughts…please share your thoughts?

Let us pray for them :slight_smile:

God the Father, give them Your Love.
God the Son, give them Your Grace.
God the Holy Spirit, give them Yourself.
Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on them.

Thank you Eucharisted,

I agree with your comments. We should all pray for those things. However, in your opinion, should this group be concidered as a Christian denomination and should they still enjoy their tax exemption as a Church? In your opinion, Is this a hate group or is it a political action group disguised as a Christion denomination?

Your thoughts?

More importantly, are you praying for them? Prayer is better than judgment.

My first urge is to think these people are out of touch with reality. Check out the web site if you have nothing better to do.

We should pray for them.

I am torn between your first two choices. It bothers me incredibly that anyone would impose themselves in this way on grieving families. I’m at a loss in figuring out how it advances the cause of Christ.
Be that as it may, I join Eucharisted in his prayers for them. Eucharisted always seems to be the one who injects prayer into threads. :thumbsup:


This happens when a people take things out of context, and mix it up with hatred. The basic ideas these people have seem to be correct. America has become corrupt and is behaving immorally around the world in many various ways. America needs reform, America’s religions need to speak to immorality that dresses up as patriotism. But we cant’ get wrapped around the axle over it. These baptists are so hateful they are obnoxious. They stab at the symbols of our nation, insult the sacrifices of young Americans, right or wrong. The WBC has a message that seems to me fundamentally Christian, but it is not being delivered in charity.

If you allow the government to discriminate against religious views most of us find reprehensible, you will destroy freedom of religion. Either there is a religious establishment in this country or there isn’t. The First Amendment says that there isn’t (at least with regard to any action taken by Congress–we can debate the details of the process by which this has come to be broadened to all forms and levels of government). If there is no religious standard available to the government by which Westboro can be judged heretical, then the government has no business taking away a church’s tax-exempt status just because its views offend most Americans. In particular, the subterfuge of claiming that the church isn’t really a “Christian denomination” at all because of its non-mainstream views is frankly reprehensible.

I abhor the teaching of Westboro that God hates some people. But I abhor it as a Christian for theological reasons. Using dishonest language games to get the government to start persecuting heretics is a very dark road and we should not start down it.

It should also be noted that according to their website (and why would they lie about this, given their willingness to be blatantly politically incorrect?), Pastor Phelps condemned racism and segregation decades ago, and regarded these as reasons for God’s wrath to be poured out on America, just as he regards homosexuality now. I disagree with his view of God in the strongest possible terms (let alone his boorish and vicious methods of propagating his views). But he appears to be a sincere (though misguided and heretical) Christian who acts out of genuinely held theological and ethical convictions.


He is misguided and heretical as the previous poster pointed out, if one looks at his theology they will realize that he has a very odd form of Calvinism as his background. I have read some stuff that claims that he also abused his children when they where younger. I don’t know about that, but I would not be surprised if he did.

I know little about WBC and wish to protect my brain cells from exposure to them. I understand them to be a small, house-cult-size denomination that pickets funerals with cruel signs saying the deceased are in Hell. If that’s who they are, then I think they are a denomination and they are protectable under the United States Constitution, but they are a destructive, ignorant, strange denomination. I hope they break apart and all of them convert to something much more truthful, like the Catholic Church for instance. But the law has no right to attack them, they have a right to tax exemption and those who oppose them have a right to tell them so as well.

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