As a Catholic, is it wrong to go to a Baptist bible study

I have been working hard to live the word of God. I feel I need more help! And there’s a bible study at a Babtiest church close to me. Has a Catholic . Is it wrong to study with Babtiest bible study group.

I personally wouldn’t. I can’t remember the exact names off the top of my head, but there are online Catholic Bible study programs. I’d stick close with the correct teaching of the Catholic Church than go to the Baptist church which has erroneous beliefs.


I went once to a friend’s Baptist Bible Study (her Dad is the Pastor, her mom teaches the ladies’ Bible study and my friend their daughter helps in their church). But I went actually for the food & the friendship. I brought my own Bible and just read a passage when it was my turn and listened to what they said. It was interesting but even though invited to go again I never went back.

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At best it’s imprudent. Baptist theology is very different and they have many bible passages they interpret in ways that are not compatible with the Catholic Church.

Some Baptists also try to covert people aggressively. So if you aren’t well grounded in Catholic teaching, are easily confused or swayed, it is more than imprudent. It would be dangerous to your faith.

I suggest Catholic Bible studies only, in groups or on your own.


Our weekly Catholic Bible Study group dwells on the 2nd reading for the upcoming Sunday. This program has been going on here for over 40 years. It was developed and started by one of our local Priests here. He has a commentary for each week and that helps a lot.

To convert them? Sure go ahead!


Thank you to everyone that has confirmed what I know in my heart.

The question isn’t ”is it wrong?” but rather ”is it beneficial?”

I would say it’s not objectively wrong because Catholics and Baptists are both Christian, to say it is wrong would be to deny this. But I would say it is not beneficial as there are too many doctrinal and theological differences that would hinder the amount of gain one could get from such a Biblical study as this


I do weekly Lectio Divina at my college based on the upcoming Gospel

I wouldn’t say it’s wrong but their interpretation of the Bible might not be Catholic.

I would not do it for one reason. You are learning what they think. It’s like to me, my reading scripture and say this is what I think it says. I don’t want to know what people think I want to know what christ taught.

I think it is always beneficial to learn about other religions. It helps in understanding people. I would go.


Again thank you to all for the advice. I needed this! I am a convert has of 2015! so I am still a very young Catholic. I watched Martin Luther on Netflix a few days back! And that messed with me. Then had seen my therapist yesterday! And she looked up bible study’s while I was there. When she had mentioned the Babtiest study, I told her my concerns with me being Catholic. She is a good therapist and knows I am Christian! And was trying to help me to fight my depression . The thought had stuck in my mind with the two pushes towards Prodestant! that maybe God was trying to tell me something.

My wife did the Jeff Cavins Bible Timeline and it was AMAZING. I’d highly recommend this.

Are there no bible studies in your parish? I wouldn’t read anything into those ‘pushes’, but I usually don’t ‘read’ God’s will into a ton of things like that.

I’ve been in therapy for depression myself, but I went to a Catholic therapist because I wanted to make sure that I had someone coming from the same moral framework as myself.

If you can do the Cavins Bible study, I’d do that.

As a new Catholic I’d look at some of Trent Horn’s work as well.

Thank you, I will check out Cavins bible study.
I have looked for prayer groups within my parish! I just can seem to find any. I am involved with the Knights of Columbus! That helps. And I am with another mens group that severs the church. I try to stay busy with fellow Catholics. It’s the empty times in between not being involved that get me. I know if stay steady in my rosary and reading my bible! Chirst will help me through this. Prayers always welcome :innocent:

Wrong? no.

Wise? No

Reason: while there is plenty of scripture that both Catholics and Baptists understand the same way, there is also a lot of Scripture that we do not understand the same way.

And the disagreements are very fundamental and big differences.

John 6 is a great example.

The other thing is that when Catholics attend a good Catholic Bible Study, history is a major part of it. Church History, Jewish History and Secular History all at the same time.

When Protestants (esp Baptists) do a “good” Bible study history usually doesn’t have a prominent role. And IF they do include some history, it might be a little Jewish or Secular history, but they typically ignore Church history.

Or they just look at one part of history.

But good Catholic Bible Studies are always going back to what was going on in the Church, Jewish Society and Secular Society at the time.

To Catholics, understanding the Scriptures in full context is important. Yes, we too believe the scriptures speak to us today, but we believe it’s important to also know what they meant in the past.

Protestants are usually (not always) focused on what Scripture is saying in the present or future, and less concerned with rooting that with the past.

I pray this helps

BTW - if you don’t have a good Catholic Bible study near you, I suggest one of the many good ones online. When I have more time, I will post some in another post, unless others post all the ones I know of before me. And at least one is even live, online with a priest!

God Bless

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If they know you’re Catholic they will want to and try to convert you. They will try.

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I will keep you in my prayers!!

The cabins bible study, a bible timeline I think it was, was so amazing

It did help! Thank you😊

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