As a fan of my fav band, sad to see this on another forum I visit few


For those of you that dont know I am a musician and music fan. I saw this on a forum for my favorite band today. A statue was defaced a statue on a catholic church. I really hope it is not a fan of my favorite band. Or if so some dumb kid that did not realize what he was doing. Most fans of my favorite band are not like that, none I’ve ever talked to, corresponded to or know. In fact I’ve never met one that has anything bad to say about anybody’s religious beliefs. I know quite a few Christian fans of my favorite band.
Guess I am just venting and I suppose there are ignorant people in every group.
Link to Twitter

My fav bands forum

I posted a response on that thread.

You have all types of people on there and all types of fans. Just like on here you have conservatives and liberals, atheists and religious. Sometimes they get into heated debates but normally respect each other.


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