As a Legal Immigrant should I be worried?

Before we get to the details , let me prefix my question by saying that I did support Trump over Hillary because of Hillary’s pro-choice stance and all the allegations of corruption.

I came to the US and obtained my Masters Degree in Engineering from a top 10 ranked school. However, because of Green Card backlog delays I’m still stuck on a work visa . I applied 7 years ago for a Green Card through my employer.

What is Trump’s Legal Immigration policy? I can’t find good sources.Will he ‘stop’ the work visa program or the Green card process.

I would like to stay in the US , but if things change I should at least start making backup plans.

You have a work visa so you’re not here illegally.

I’m surprised the company you work for isn’t doing more to get you a green card.

When I was working, the company helped the engineers from China get green cards within months.


One word: NO.

Trump will be more likely be focused more on illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

I don’t think there will be progroms targeting legal immigrants. Especially highly skilled immigrants such as yourself.

Unless you are a Mexican or a Muslim, I wouldn’t worry.

As far as I know Trump has never uttered anything about measure directed at legal immigrants. Couldn’t find anything about reviewing or re-evaluating the status of those in the country legally.

Every year 7% of the green cards get allocated by country of birth(I assume to keep diversity). I’m from a country that has many more applicants than the allocation by country limits. So , I have to wait in line until my application is ‘due’ (This is based on date of applying)

Not much more the company can do at this point.

Thanks…this helps!

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for this poor treatment from American authority. We aren’t all like this! :console: This is terrible that one even has to worry about this here. :frowning:


Having lived in other Asian countries, I can say with confidence that America is truly unlike any other place. I’ve met many good decent and considerate people here. Over here I find that individuals have a voice and rights that are instituted by law (unlike many other places).

I’m hearing a lot of ‘negative things’ with regards to Immigration, even Legal. Just wanted to get some actual ‘facts’ from the noise.

Hopefully, I’ll get my Green Card soon. But, trusting God whatever be the outcome.

The immigration system (even legal) needs reform. Sure, there are people abusing it, but I know a lot of people for whom employment based immigration is the only way to stay here and keep waiting and working.

Your local Catholic Charities might be able to get you in touch with an immigration lawyer who can answer your questions and maybe offer you some assistance with your application.

Even though you’ve been here ten years, it might not be long enough to notice the cycle of fear-mongering that comes with each election. The democrats usually try to scare people to death, usually the elderly are told that Republicans will take away their Social Security or some other nonsense.

Trump never said he would change anything towards legal immigrants, except temporarily stop Muslim immigrants until the vetting process can figure out which ones are dangerous.

no, and the backlog is not that intense.
I would contact legal aide or some prop bono immigration lawyer through your Diocese.
My husband got his green card/work permit within 6 months and his permanent residency in 5 years time. Good until 2026.
Something’s off.
Get assistance.
Bets wishes!

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