As a non-Catholic, do you pray to God for the forgiveness of your sins?

If so, how do you justify doing that if you also believe Jesus died for all of your sins past, present, and future, and you have already been redeemed in full?


Speaking as a former Baptist, yes, I did. I was taught repentance and acknowledging our sins just as we Catholics do. It was like going to confession, but just between us and Christ - no priest needed. A friend who is of Charismatic faith does not believe in asking God to forgive daily sins as Christ died for all our sins past, present, future. I think you will find it varies among non-Catholic faiths.


Why would you think anyone has to justify why they would pray to God for the forgiveness of ones sins? Our Lord Himself instructed us to ask the Father for forgiveness of our sins, even non-Catholics believe we should follow Jesus’ instructions in what is called The Lord’s Prayer.

Do Catholics not believe that Jesus died for all sins, past, present and future? I must be mistaken but I thought Catholics also believe they have been saved, are being saved and will be saved in the future. What part do you not believe in?

I guess I see non-Catholics as believing they don’t need to do anything beyond having faith that they are saved and are going to heaven. Which would include asking for forgiveness of sins. Especially since some believe when Jesus said, “It is finished,” that covers all sin.


Well, just like many non-Catholics mischaracterize Catholics so do you in reverse. Hopefully you will make more of an effort to honestly understand another’s position.

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Not all protestants believe that. Remember it’s folly to try and lump all protestants together on any matter.


That’s what I was told by many Protestants.


Not trying to generalize, but I was told by many Protestants, too. There are many different Protestant branches and they all do things very differently, so it’s different for all of them, I’m sure of it.

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That attitude makes a person spiritually lazy and does not encourage the person to bear fruit for the Lord. Catholics don’t believe our future sins are automatically forgiven without our having to do anything. Catholics believe that a Christian must stop sinning. Period. If you mess up, then you repent and ask for forgiveness. We do this through confession for the serious sins.

We have to do as Peter (Acts 10:34-36) says: God accepts everyone who fears Him (faith) and does what is right (good works).

Your future sins are not automatically forgiven just because you are in the Jesus fan club. If you sin deliberately, you are responsible for those sins.

For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful expectation of judgment, and a fury of fire that will consume the adversaries. Hebrews 10


There are many different belief and practices among Protestants because they come in all sizes and colors. You have to know which Protestant denomination since they can believe differently.

Yes, from what we heard it is true that some of them do not believe in praying for forgiveness of their sins since they believe that all their sins are forgiven by virtue of their faith that Jesus died for them once and for all. It is kind of once saved always saved.


No, there aren’t. There are different communions that are loosely categorized are “Protestant “, but they are not branches.

Why do you make a distinction between confessing one’s sins and faith?

“If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. “
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. “


“As a non-Catholic, do you pray to God for the forgiveness of your sins?”

Before I was a Catholic I’d spent many decades alone, not belonging to any religion whatsoever, and I used to pray quite often to God for forgiveness. I have no idea what the results of those prayers were. However I was eventually led to the Catholic Church so…

I must admit I didn’t used to think very much about Jesus at all.

People seem to talking about Protestants for some reason, that’s not how I understood the question. Why are we concerned about Protestants?

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I was raised Protestant and I never heard we don’t ask forgiveness for our sins. Yes, belief in Christ brings salvation, but that does not exclude apology/forgiveness for sins. If you knew your mother would forgive you anything and welcome you home always, wouldn’t you still apologize if you made a mess or broke something of hers or hurt her feelings? As I remember it, acknowledging that we are ALL sinners and that we ask forgiveness when we sin, or even when we just err in some way, is part of the Christian experience.


I have lived in a Protestant world all my life and have honestly never ever heard that from anybody and I am well acquainted with all the churches in my area.

Maybe there are those somewhere who would claim that but why do you as Catholics believe it just because someone said it? Recently, a Catholic acquaintance pronounced with a lot of self confidence that the Annulment process of his church was nothing but a bunch of bs since it is nothing other than a way to get around divorce. I heard him say it…Does that mean I should claim that it must be true?

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When you were a Protestant, did you confess your sins to your pastor and then make reparation for your sins? Or did you go directly to God not feeling you had to do anything else because your sins were already forgiven by Jesus on the Cross?

The Protestants I know personally and those I’ve conversed with online all scoff because we Catholics confess our sins to our priests who are acting in persona Christi. And then we do our penance.

Protestants claim there is no need to go to a priest for forgiveness when we are to go to God alone or to do penance since Jesus did it all for us on the Cross.

Wannano, as a Protestant, you wouldn’t hear the things that are targeted at Catholics. If there are no Catholics visiting your church, there’s no need for an anti-Catholic message to be preached by the preacher.

Unfortunately, there are denominations and preachers who make it very clear that, to put it nicely, Catholics have it all wrong and Protestants have it right.

You’re lucky if you haven’t had to endure it in your church. I pray you never have to experience it in any denomination you attend or visit.

In my opinion there is no need for a Protestant minister to preach anti-Catholicism in any sermon and especially if there is a visiting Catholic in the service.

I am sure there are those that say Catholics have it all wrong and that they have it all right. However, in all honesty, isn’t that the attitude displayed here all the time with you Catholic friends? I get the message loud and clear that Catholicism is the only aspect of Christianity that has the fullness of Truth. All others are outside the circle drawn around the RCC.

I never knew that Catholics perceived themselves to be a persecuted Church until I came to CAF. That concept is so foreign to my church for history bears that it was the opposite for my forebears. I went to public school and took a lot of playground beating for being a Christian. I never experienced any Catholic kids standing up for those of us who were being picked on, in fact, in my experience they were also against us.

For the OP to suggest that we don’t believe in the need to ask God for forgiveness is either coming from a very ignorant understanding or else it was framed as caricature that is not framed within the realm of the Golden Rule. Peace.


I agree that there is no need for a Protestant minister to preach anti-Catholicism in any sermon. Unfortunately, there are many who do. Visiting Catholics seem to set them off. In these situations, Catholics learn very quickly not to say they are Catholic.

While I’ve observed Catholics remind other posters that CAF is a Catholic website, I’ve never observed any Catholic here acting like they were better than those who aren’t Catholic. I do observe daily many Catholics who are quite knowledgeable about our Catholic faith trying to correct misinformation that is posted and errantly believed about the Catholic Church.

But yes, as Catholics, we do believe we have the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church because we believe, and I say we believe because I know that there are people who post here who do not feel the same way, that Jesus is the Founder of the Catholic Church. and that our priests and bishops were anointed through Apostolic Succession which goes back to Jesus and the Apostles.

Our beliefs about this aren’t meant to give the impression that we’re better than anyone else. Far from it. We want everyone to have the fullness of Truth. That’s why we share our love for Jesus not only through our words but through our actions and deeds. We live our faith by our service to others and through our love for one another.

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on what you experienced in public school since all the Catholic kids I hung out with were at parochial school.

It sounds like your Catholic friend was either pulling your leg or didn’t understand the annulment process.

Thanks for your reply. Your last sentence is why I entered into this thread. For sure my friend is ignorant of the intent and process of his own church. So must be the OP of “Protestantism”. If one is truly desirous of learning about another, questions should be asked in earnest, not designed to put the other in a corner that he himself does not identify with. Just my 2 cents.

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