As a Physicist

Here to answer any of those burning misconceptions about the universe, sub-universe, evolution, big bang, etc.


Why isn’t Pluto a planet?!?

Have you read

Robert Spitzer
George Lemaître

According to a TV report, a black hole in the sun will cause unusual weather events this weekend. My questions are:

What caused that black hole?

Will it still be a hole on Monday, and if so will it be a black hole or some other colour? If you can’t answer this question, should I ask a psychic?

Who speaks for the Earth? - Carl Sagan

This is gonna get good. :popcorn: :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s a sub-universe?

How did motion start?

Because he’s a dog.

A really big sandwich from Subway?

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

How about something simpler.

What is the field and focus of your research?

And would you classify yourself as an Experimentalist or Theoretician?

Appreciate the challenge from those who challenge the “romanticized”

Thanks, “TheAtheist”… :slight_smile:

This could be fun.

[SIGN](Is evolution/ young earth etc still a banned topic?)[/SIGN]

When the chicken crossed the road.

In my dictionary, chicken comes before egg.

Explain electricity to me. I just don’t get it. Really. What happens when a permanent magnet passes a wire and induces a current? I’ve seen it done but it makes no sense. And why is a permanent magnet permanent? Finally, where do electrons get the energy to keep spinning or traveling around the center of an atom? Perpetual motion?


What would you consider is needed from a religion for you to consider becoming religious?

Does science acknowledge the possible existence of the spiritual realm?

Is the conflict between traditional religion and science boil down to the belief that so called miracles take place on a daily basis which in reality are nothing more than unique occurrences of the natural world, and nothing supernatural after all?

Does physics acknowledge the possibility that the universe may not have a beginning or an end?

Well there have been a number of physicists showing on CAF from time to time, mostly PhD students who are going down the “Theoretical” track so to speak. One rather brilliant Eastern Catholic comes to mind, although I haven’t seen him in a while.

Always nice to know what exactly interests them, that way a person can ask them about topics upon which they can give a very informed opinion about. :slight_smile:

  1. What are your favorite introductory texts on physics? (1.5: isn’t Feynman awesome?)

  2. Have you read any philosophy of science?

(The following questions are predicated on you having answered 2 in the affirmative)

  1. Are you a realist with respect to physical laws?

  2. Are you a realist with respect to physical objects?

LOL, Love it!!!

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