As A "traditionalist", What Size Parish Do You Prefer?

What size parish do you prefer?

I do not think parish size really matters. My only preference is enough members to financially sustain a parish. Nowadays, if a parish is too small, it usually gets closed due to the expense of maintaining the property, plus the shortage of priests. But as long as there are enough people to keep it going, any number above that is fine for me. Therefore, I cannot vote.

I can’t answer the question. I grew up as a traditionalist Catholic. We had well over a thousand families in my parish in 1963 and in 1964 they split the parish and formed a new parish. Many years later, I joined my current traditional NO cathedral parish in 83. It was a downtown church and my envelopes to this day read #200. That’s how few we were. I am happy to say that 24 years later we have over 1000 families who are members of the cathedral parish- the vast majority of whom do not live within the cathedral parish territorial limits. We are a traditional NO parish and we are making preparations should the elusive Motu Propio be issued. And yours truly at 55 is willing to sing in the schola or to once again serve as an acolyte (he, he…I’m a bit old to be an altar boy but “Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam” - Pretty poignant for someone my age.

all sizes are ok.

I agree.

As long as they have the Latin Mass. :slight_smile:

Small parish!. Because from my experience your only a number in a large parish. But in a small parish you are part of a family. And a priest can better attend to your spiritual needs in a smaller parish. Take my word for it!.

I love small parishes; it’s not connected with being traditionalish, just with being human and liking to know who people are.

My only concern is if a parish is so small that they are closed due to the consolidations/clusters that are currently occuring. As long as a parish is big enough to support itself, that is fine. If the parish is so small that it is not self-sufficient, then it is bad, since it will probably be forced to close.

One thing we have not discussed much on this forum is/are those priests who are independent and those that attend there. Supposely they make up about a third of those attending the TLM. Whether these priests report to a bishop or not is another matter, but point is that they usually make it on their own despite maybe having only 50-100 churchgoers. Some of them have side jobs like working in hospices, etc.

It says on the website of the church of St Gertrude the Great (A Sedevacantist Parish whos pastor is the Infamous Bishop Daniel Dolan) that it has over 600 parishioners. This being one of the largest TLM parishes in America.

The smaller the better, as long as it is viable. Of course parishes should be small for the right reasons, not because of a shortage of Catholics.

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