As a Utahn, I'm not very proud of this statistic

From the Salt Lake Tribune.

Utah is No. 1 - for online pornography consumption

Salt Lake Tribune
Posted:03/02/2009 07:39:01 PM MST
Besides its political bent, Utah’s per capita appetite for online pornography makes it the nation’s run-away red-light state.

A study by a Harvard Business School professor shows that Utah outpaces the more conservative states – which all tend to purchase more Internet porn than other states.
Online porn subscription rates are higher in states that enacted conservative legislation banning same-sex marriage or civil unions and where surveys show support for conservative positions on religion, gender roles and sexuality, according to an analysis published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

The Beehive State briefly experimented with a state-funded porn czar until 2003. The study examining online porn usage from 2006 to 2008 shows those efforts apparently failed.

Utah has the nation’s highest online porn subscription rate per thousand home broadband users, at 5.47, while the nearby states of Idaho and Montana showed the lowest rates of 1.98 and 1.92, respectively, according to the study.

It’s sad that newspapers have nothing better to report on. It seems like the state government is just looking for ways to tap into this revenue rather than curb the problem. Pornography has been linked to higher incidences of sexual abuse, child abuse, violent crimes of rape etc. Does Utah rank higher in these categories as well?

And are the papers trying to get the state to open legalization of same sex marriages etc that they indicate would stem the endemic pornography problem?? I don’t get it.

More reasons to pray.

Well Utah has one of the highest rates of registered sex offenders living in the state. Within one neigboorhood in West Jordan there are 400 registered. Trust me Utah has changed big time. We had one of the highest rates of drunk driving accidents, anti-depressant abuse, and prescription pain med abuse. I think it’s important to report statistics such as this because the word needs to get out there so we can put an end to it.

I thought this thread was about Jello consumption …:shrug:

Be it resolved by the Senate of the state of Utah:
WHEREAS, Jell-O® brand gelatin was introduced to the country in 1897, just one year
after Utah was admitted to the Union as the 45th state;
WHEREAS, Utah has been the number one per capita consumer of Jell-O® brand gelatin
for many years;…

                  WHEREAS, more than 14,000 signatures have been collected from the people of Utah in
              support of the campaign to select Jell-O® as the Official Snack of Utah; and
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              recaptured the title:
                  NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate of the state of Utah recognize
              Jell-O® as a favorite snack food of Utah. ...

“What’s for dessert?”

“Ground-up horse’s hooves.”

“No thanks, I’m full.”

“But there’s alllways room for ground-up horse’s hooves!” :smiley:

Do vegans eat Jello?

Those I’ve met said no.

Well first it was jello consumption, then casserole, now this. ugh.

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