As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God

What the author sees is Truth working. This is why his epiphany will probably lead him to Our Lord.

Pax Christi,

I think Robertsxxx is probably right, that Matthew Parris is cynically advocating religion as being good for THOSE people.

But its entirely possible that Parris is on the road to Damascus. Lets check back later, say a year from now, and see.

If he was a Christian & claimed those things, that would be fine. But a non believer saying them, makes him an arrogant hypocrite that thinks he’s better than THOSE people since he obviously doesn’t need “the Truth”.

Quite possibly, but that “arrogant hypocrite’s” heart has most probably been touched. It is a start. I pray that more have such an epiphany.

This thread’s also being discussed in Non-Catholic forum:

Well, technically, it isn’t being discussed there. :wink:

Um… & discussing ATHEISM in the “Non-Catholic Religions” section makes sense… That was sacasm in case somebody missed it.

It may also be a kind of elitism. Plato’s analogy of the cave can be understood this way, i.e. that people need to believe in myths to prevent chaos. Also there’s an interesting Muslim story, something like, Hayy the Son of Yaksan, where the masses are allowed their primitive faith to prevent chaos as well. Then there’s Leo Strauss and the neocons, whom some believe influenced a conservative feigning of Christian values, for votes but also for stability.

Or maybe it is a mustard seed.

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