As Christians should we ever fear or feel offended or feel pain?


We’re called to be resilient. Anything like fear isn’t from the spirit of God. If we were truly with Christ it would impossible for us to fear hurt by unkind remarks or treatment. Whose fault is it but our own to choose to be hurt by simply words?


Good question. I’ll stay posted for perspective because I’m unable.


As long as we are human we will experience human things, fear and emotional pain among them. It’s our reaction to these states that will sometimes determine our level of spiritual growth. If we could respond perfectly with no visible emotion we would be little more than automatons. We were created with a wide variety of response mechanisms. Some we are to learn to control but all serve a purpose. :slight_smile:


Feeling fear, feeling offended, feeling pain is all part of human nature. The only thing we can control is how to react to them


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