As Gas Prices Pinch, Support for Energy Exploration Rises

Amid record gas prices, public support for greater energy exploration is spiking. Compared with just a few months ago, many more Americans are giving higher priority to more energy exploration, rather than more conservation. An increasing proportion also says that developing new sources of energy - rather than protecting the environment - is the more important national priority.

A cold dose of reality … if only our politicians would see it as the voters see it.

Here’s a good Web site; check it out. Sign the petition.

Take a little time to view these short videos.

Can’t drill in the Pacific, can’t drill in Atlantic, can’t drill off the Gulf Coast, can’t drill in Anwar, can’t lease oil fron Iraq (remember no war for oil!) so you libs tell us- what cha wanna do?

Who cares what they want. Go get the oil and forget the Libs. Run right over them.

Do you want to know what liberals will do (eventually, although not now.) They will drop any rhetoric of “human rights” and do what they were evolved to do: Take the oil by force from someone else who has it.

"War analyst Stanislav Andreski concluded that the trigger for most wars is hunger, or even ‘a mere drop from the customary standard of living.’ Anthropologists Carol and Melvin Ember spent six years studying war in the late 1980s among 186 preindustrial societies. They focused on precontact times in hopes of collecting the ‘cleanest, least distorted’ data. Andreski, it seems, was right. War’s most common cause, the Embers found, was fear of deprivation.

The victors in the wars they studied almost always took territory, food, and/or other critical resources from their enemies. Moreover, unpredictable disasters-droughts, blights, floods, and freezes – which led to severe hardships, spurred more wars than did chronic shortages.

"This also holds true among modern nations. In 1993, political scientists Thomas E Homer-Dixon, Jeffrey H. Boutwell, and George W. Rathjens examined the roots of recent global conflicts and concluded, ‘There are significant causal links between scarcities of renewable resources and violence.’ “In short, many wars seem to be a mass, communal robbery of another social group’s life-support resources.” [19]]

Several archaeologists and anthropologists now argue that violence was much more pervasive in hunter-gatherer society than in more recent eras. From the
!Kung in the Kalahari to the Inuit in the Arctic and the aborigines in Australia, two-thirds of modern hunter-gatherers are in a state of almost constant tribal warfare, and nearly 90% go to war at least once a year. War is a big word for dawn raids, skirmishes and lots of posturing, but death rates are high—usually around 25-30% of adult males die from homicide. The warfare death rate of 0.5% of the population per year that Lawrence Keeley of the University of Illinois calculates as typical of hunter-gatherer societies would equate to 2 billion people dying during the 20th century.

Not so many women as men die in warfare, it is true. But that is because they are often the object of the fighting. To be abducted as a sexual prize was almost certainly a common female fate in hunter-gatherer society. Forget the Garden of Eden; think Mad Max.Constant warfare was necessary to keep population density down to one person per square mile.

Isn’t it beautiful?; the apogee of 3.8 billion years of an iterative process of mutation, amplification, and selection. I suppose learning how to cope with limited resources in a given environment was one of the travails that our ancestors had to dealing with. Taking resources from those who have it is one way of accomplishing that.

Nope, I am not saying that this should be a policy recommendation.

Yep, Thomas Hobbes was correct about human nature.

So everyone thinks this will fix the problem.

Let’s see, they start drilling at huge expense. Then oil price comes down and the drilling won’t be so cost effective anymore so they stop and oil prices rise again.

That the energy crisis comes at the heels of the Fed’s lowering interest rates down to ridiculously low levels is not a coincidence. It happened after Nixon devalued the dollar and again in 2002 and again in 2007. Apparently the banks are lending at these low rates to speculators driving the prices up bigtime. Need Ron Paul to head the Fed. Greenspan and Bernanke were/are disasters.

I don’t think anyone has said this additional drilling will solve the problem, but it certainly would help while we are finding sources of renewable energy. We are going to be dependent on oil for the foreseeable future, it might as well be our own.

Agreed. The myopia of today’s Secular Relativist society had made people blind to looking at the long term. All they can see is the “I want it now”. In fact, it is this myopia that the Secular Relativist Left is counting on to gain further control over people’s lives.

Technologies for alternative are progressing at a rapid rate. In a couple of years these technologies will be coming on line. In fact, I see ethanol made from corn being a thing of the past in a decade.

I hope that’s true. I can think of a lot more things to do with corn besides make fuel out of it.

Even with that there is myopia. They do not realize that is not the corn we eat. It is used for feed for animals. Even then, it is the part of the grain that is not digested that is used for ethanol. The leftover product is called distiller’s grain. That is part that is useful for animal feed.

Saying that, there biomass that is much better for ethanol and other biofuels. Almost all of them can be grown or produced on land and resources not suitable for crop production. Algae, for example, can be grown in tanks situated in the desert and use seawater. Switchgrass can grow without additional resources on marginal land, need no fertilizer, needs to planted only once, and is drought resistant. Municipal waste (sewage) and other waste products that need treatment or landfulls can be converted into biofuels. The list is almost endless.

I realize it is not the corn we eat, but the cattle in the pasture next to me eat corn. Wonder if they have ever thought of making fuel out of kudzu? :slight_smile:

But it is the part called distiller’s grain which they need and that is not destroyed.

Been there done that already:thumbsup: Have also written to my Congressman. This situation has been sitting there for decades. What has Congress done? ZERO. I don’t understand what it is about the fact that the countries that we buy oil from HATE US AND WOULD LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TO RUIN US that Congress cannot understand. I would presume that the Environmentalists are in too many pockets for anyone to do squat. All you have to do is follow the money to see what’s happening.

What is it with right-wingers and their obsession with things with the word “war” in them?

It’s ANWR, not Anwar.

Environmentalists are stopping the change? Environmentalists are paying off politicians? That’s certainly interesting… What about how high up the oil interests go at the present? I think the major oil companies–who benefit from our current situation–have a tad wee bit more power in Washington than the environmentalists. It’s true that environmentalists do not want more dependence on nuclear and fossil fuels; however, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want change. It is they who want the most dramatic changes.

What is it with right-wingers and their obsession with things with the word “war” in them?

It’s ANWR, not Anwar.

Dang LCM relax, why are you in a such a bad mood?? A guy makes a typo and you go in into hysteria?? LOL.

LOL well, whatEVER it is, billions of gallons of oil there, and with gas 4.09 gallon, we can’t touch it. Its stupid.

It’s true that environmentalists do not want more dependence on nuclear and fossil fuels

They might want it, but never gonna happen in our lifetime. Oil is what powers this country. That is not gonna change in the next 100 years at least. So I suggest we go get some, plenty of it out there.

If you wanna see what happens when you turn off the oil, look at the midwest last winter, when a series of blizzards shut down the heat for a week. That is the kind of world the liberal envriomentalist will have you think is a good thing. Horse and buggy and heating homes with whatever is available, if at all. Those folks will tell ya it ain’t no fun when the heat is off.

So no wars for oil? Oil is the foundation of this country’s economy, it heats our homes, powers our factories, without it millions of Americans are jobless, and our way of life is in danger. I hate it is that way, but there it is. If that ain’t worth fighting for, then I dunno what is.

Caller today to Rush … hundreds of off shore rigs are not producing because they were damaged by Katrina and they can’t get permits from the government to repair the rigs.

It’s cheaper to drill new wells than to buy the permits to repair the existing rigs.

He also said that in Canada they have mobile refineries to refine oil from small fields.

Anybody able to corroborate that???

Yeah, at least you learned something from my posts, most people are going to die from peak oil.


I’m inclined to think that the oil companies have a major incentive in NOT repairing those drilling rigs. They’re bringing in money hand over fist with things just the way they are. These corporations don’t want to bring prices down. They have us by the short hairs and they know it.

1st of all, EVERYONE has a skeleton or two in their closet. From the EVIRONMENTALISTS, to the SPECULATORS, to the OIL COMPANIES, and last but not least from our wonderful GOVERMENT OFFICIALS who CHOOSE TO DO NADA WHEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE BEING SQUEEZED AND TAKEN AT THE GAS PUMP, TO HEAT AND COOL HOMES AND EVERY OTHER FORM OF ENERGY. Not to mention putting more strain on an already extremely fragile economy.

What are the ELETIST ENVIRONMENTALISTS doing to CHANGE THE SITUATION? Tell me you’re kidding me! They are and have done their best to stop any kind of productive and SAFE form of developing our own energy. Just what kind of change do they want? They want us to get rid of our cars, ride our bikes, wear our coats in the house when it’s 10 degrees outside. Solar energy maybe? At what cost? Oh yeah, maybe we need to convert all of our cars to battery operated. Great idea! The cost is around 6 thousand per vehicle. Solar energy is wonderful in the long term…what about NOW? There are things we NEED to be doing NOW but they do everything necessary to STOP IT. They are in lala land.

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