As makers of TV, movies, books, etc. scramble to include more gay characters

. . . can we honestly think this is not going to influence kids who have a few ordinary doubts about their sexuality to consider they may be permanently gay or lesbian or transgendered?

Is it not going to influence parents into feeling the need to affirm whatever lifestyle choices their children make in these areas? Note that I’m not suggesting parents freak out if their child is struggling with same sex attraction. But there are other ways - better ways - of helping that child.

Finally, is it going to influence political elections and agendas? Oh wait, too late. I think maybe it already has.

It has been a slow, steady thing. I recall back even in the 80’s a few shows that would have that one episode with a guest-star portraying a gay character – almost always a sympathetic one who is being bullied. Then in the 90’s we start to get more and more shows with recurring gay characters – often in the hard-not-to-love comedic relief role. We even start to see a few shows where the main characters are gay.

Nowadays, it seems almost expected that every TV show regularly includes some gay themes.

I think this has contributed to the normalization of same sex relationships. I’m not sure I’d go so far to say that these things increase the likelihood that someone will “become” gay. But it definitely has made it more socially acceptable.

It’s somewhat ironic. If you did a TV show with a very sympathetic Christian character who was being bullied by gay kids, there would be outrage over such propoganda trying to vilify gay people. And yet for a TV show to have a very sympathetic gay character who is being bullied by Christian kids – that’s just what every TV show should do. :shrug:

Yes it already has. Similar to the acceptance of tattoos which happened in the same period and now you have a fight, even with laws in place to stop a 15 year old from inking up.

I think it will, yes. However, I don’t think the usual Cristian responses to this sort of thing help much. Kids who have a few doubts about their sexuality are not going to get much help from conservative Christians- many of whom seem to think that not talking about a problem will make it go away.

I don’t want to ban gay and lesbian characters from fiction. What I really want are characters who struggle with same sex attraction, but who handle it in the proper manner and heroically do their best to follow God. I have seen very, very few characters like that. Christian fiction usually “cures” gay individuals, which is pretty horrible. While some people think that it is possible to cure, many people will have this cross until the day they die and that does not mean they did something wrong.

Personally, I do read a single webcomic that has two prominent teenage characters in a lesbian relationship. I keep reading the comic because I like the characters, even though I know it’s promoting something that I don’t agree with. The same comic also has a boy who seriously worries that he might be gay, because everyone tells him that he is (he looks effeminate and doesn’t like typically masculine things). This character is straight, and even though he’s still not entirely sure about that, it is presented as fact that doubting one’s sexuality doesn’t automatically mean that one is gay.

So, I dunno. I definitely wouldn’t want to solve the problem by doing away with all SSA characters. It is a real problem that real people deal with. I just wish that the healthier options were allowed to be shown in media. Right now, we are not showing people any options other than “stop having these feelings by praying about it and sheer force of will” and “plunge right in and start experimenting sexually”. Both messages anger me. :mad:

It is astonishing how fast things have changed just this year and there appears to be a strong correlation between that and Obama’s reign. While some of the changes are global and can’t be personally orchestrated by Obama, they sure can be orchestrated by the entity he works for.

Exactly true. The media, the President, a number of politicians and even corporate executives have signed onto the mass propaganda campaign: “Let’s make gay marriage OK and average for young and old alike.”

Parents had better be parents and actually teach their children right from wrong, not the media.


To address the OP, you know how media hype can get the politicians to act immediately?
Examples include the New Haven thing, the George Zimmerman thing, basically any media focus which causes public outrage or dismay has historically motivated politicians to act decisively.

For me, and perhaps for many rooted people, the media doesn’t drag me in. But most people it seems are easily influenced by the media and by Hollywood (which is very immoral).

So, the big question is whether or not to use censorship. In fact, for TV, there is some censorship–bleeps for bad words, blobs for nudity and Federal rules for these things. But the censorship doesn’t apply to ideas or suggestive topics or subversive political conversation.

In some countries, wide-ranging censorship is used precisely in order to keep the people from revolting or being badly influenced. The US outlaws some of this, but not all: we don’t actually have full freedom of speech in this country.

In many countries, you hear of journalists, newspapers and radio stations being taken off line for unacceptable topics.

What kind of society allows its media to become immoral?

I am really tired of the Western world and its obsession with the homosexual lifestyle.

I ain’t gonna pay for cable. Pay a corporation $80 a month to feed me evil, vile garbage? Nope sorry I’ll get my entertainment else ware and spend the $80 bucks on the Church

I encourage all to do the same, let’s bankrupt the morally bankrupt companies.

Nothing changes network content fast like accounting books in the red and impending Chapter 7. :thumbsup:

That’ll work.


Yes some of those older shows didn’t bother me too much; at least if they handled the issue tastefully. Newer shows and literature seem to be more pushing the idea that gay relationships should be considered on equal footing with straight relationships (they already have managed over 3-4 decades to make fornicating/cohabitating straight relationships seem more normal than married ones).

Kamaduck, I agree with your well stated points that:

*]Sometimes Christians have been guilty of not being a refuge for people, particularly young people, struggling with this difficult issue. Sometimes the result has been tragic. We can do better.
*]I too would like to see characters struggling with SSA yet choosing to be chaste - and even if they backslide, choosing again to keep fighting. The opposite extremes you describe are more propaganda than good writing.

The biggest problem I have with this isn’t so much that they’re adding gay characters into virtually everything, but that they’re unrealistically positive portrayals across the board. Unless used for comic relief, they’re all cool, successful, educated, moderately-behaving, open-minded, accepting-to-a-fault characters. They certainly don’t reflect the behaviors, values and lifestyles of the bulk of the homosexuals I know personally. Where are the straight-hating, intolerant characters who constantly & derisively refer to their heterosexual family members as breeders? Where are the in-your-face, Christian/conservative bashing characters you can’t say anything negative to without them blaming it on your homophobic faith or politics? Where are their token straight friends they wear like an accessory who are even less tolerant than they are and play the homophobia card so fast it would make Al Sharpton’s head spin? Where’s the creepy closet drag queen who infects his wife with an alphabet soup of STD’s and spends decades raping his kids, nephews and grandkids? Where’s the odd couple up the road who dress their son in girl’s clothes and molest him to the point that he can barely walk some days? Where’s the main character’s wife’s unsettling lesbian friend who always sits too close, hugs too long, then gets her drunk and talks to her about how she should experiment more? One of the comments I hear most defending the growing number of gay characters in media is that homosexuals want and deserve to see people on the screen they can identify with. If that’s the case, be fair. These, and an abundance of additional examples like these, are the gay characters I can most identify with from my own experience. I’m not saying they’re entirely representative of mainstream homosexuality in America, but instead of using TV as a recruiting tool, why not throw in some gritty realism. Unless, of course, indoctrinating kids is the entire point.

I’m just going to say that I really DON’T want to see these particular characters in anything I watch. I’ve seen enough fictional abuse and rape in the name of “gritty realism”, thank you very much.

I agree that gay characters ought to have flaws, as well as run the gamut from otherwise-kind individuals to actual villians. However, unlike your list, I would like to see characters whose flaws come from other aspects of their character. A lesbian who is also allergic to any sort of criticism, whether it has to do with her sexuality or not. A gay man who is incredibly cynical and often very rude. A trans individual who is annoyingly arrogant about a particular ability they have. A bisexual man who has a problem with gluttony.

If we only give gay and lesbian individuals flaws that specifically have to do with their sexuality, we are defining them by that. We are reducing them to someone who has sex with or is attracted to members of his or her own sex, and not showing that they, too, are people- and therefore capable of all the same flaws and strengths as straight individuals. That would be better writing and a better message than either making all of them spotlessly good or giving them all LGBT-specific flaws.

If that’s the case, you should probably go to the police instead of telling us. I think you made some fair points up until you started stating that TV programmes should depict homosexuals as molesting children. That would really just be defamatory propaganda rather than any attempt at realism. You do make a point about the lack of obnoxious gay characters, though, especially when lots of gay people can be quite intolerant.

Besides, Will and Grace wouldn’t be funny if it was about child molesting drag queens (not that it’s funny anyway).

Dear Joe,

Cordial greetings and a very good day. Hear, hear, jolly well said.

It admits of no serious doubt, dear friend, that avante-garde programme producers and film makers are pushing an agenda as regards homosexual aberrant behaviour. Their objective is nothing short of the normalization/acceptance of this heinous vice against nature. Moreover, they also want to demonise as religious bigots or wide-eyed fundamentalists all those who dare to resist their evil social engineering programme.

It is wishful thinking to expect, dear friend, a television drama or film that treats of homosexuality in a negative light and which portrays religious opposition favourably.

God bless.

Warmest good wishes,



:thumbsup: I like the way you think!

My point, though, is that the current propaganda claims there’s no link between homosexuality and child molestation. But when you talk to people who actually deal with the victims, you get an entirely different story. There’s no shortage of propaganda claiming that a gay couple is better for a child than one or no parents, or even better than a heterosexual couple depending on who’s slinging it, but the absolute worst abuse cases I’ve ever encountered came from homes with two gay parents. Why not show that on one of the crime shows instead of it always being a straight dad?

I’m not saying that all homosexuals are child molesters or intolerant bigots. We have a very small handful of homosexual friends and family members who are kind, decent people. Unfortunately, among the ones we know, they’re by far the exception. I’m just saying that, in this drive to have more homosexuals in our entertainment media, they need to throw in more of the hate-speech spewing heterophobes and lay back on the witty, urbane, ultra-tolerant myth.

I find most homosexuals maddeningly politically correct, and amazingly hypocritical. They often think they are superior to heterosexual people (as someone mentioned they call them “breeders”). Also they are obsessed with sex!!

I won’t say that the ones I know and have dealt with are representative of homosexuals as a whole. I’d also like to point out that a few we know are normal, regular folks. However, there are several I had to unfriend from Facebook due to their obsession with posting grossly inappropriate pictures of themselves engaging in graphic displays of affection with both their significant others and a significant amount of others. Some were graphic enough that if I’d post similar pictures of my wife and I, I’m sure they’d be taken down. One mutual friend reported a couple of the pictures and had his own account suspended for three days for hate speech.

Ditto. I am also tired of over exploring the heterosexual lifestyle. Way too much information for me, and I am an adult.

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