As Secession Nears, Sudan Steps Up Drive to Stop Rebels

The Sudanese Army and its allied militias have gone on an unsparing rampage to crush rebel fighters in the Nuba Mountains of central Sudan, bombing thatch-roofed villages, executing elders, burning churches and pitching another region of the country into crisis, according to United Nations officials and villagers who have escaped.

The Sudanese Army has sealed off the area and threatened to shoot down United Nations helicopters. Sudan’s forces detained four United Nations peacekeepers and subjected them to “a mock firing squad,” the organization said Monday, calling the intimidation part of a strategy to make it nearly impossible for aid agencies and monitors to work in the region.

This military campaign is separate from the southern Sudan’s impending independence. However, the article suggests that the government in Khartoum is worried that the country is fragmenting, so is going all out to destroy rebellions in other areas.

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