As societal norms change, Catholic groups enforce the rules


CINCINNATI – Even as state after state legalizes same-sex marriage, and Pope Francis counsels mercy for those in “irregular” situations, Catholic schools and hospitals are cracking down, firing (or threatening to fire) unmarried couples living together, women using in-vitro fertilization, and gays and lesbians – as well as those who support them.

From Massachusetts to Montana, Catholic employees who violate Church doctrine or teachings are finding themselves increasingly in the crosshairs of organizations struggling to maintain what they believe are hallmarks of a strong Catholic identity.

But some employees are fighting back, refusing to sign contracts that contain so-called morality clauses, or filing lawsuits to get their jobs back.


Good for the AD.

Bad form on the teachers who won’t sign it.

I’m sorry, but anyone who works for the Church should NOT be doing primarly to make money. You do it because you love God and His Church, and you believe in all that Catjolic Church teaches with its infallible magisterium.

All Catholic employees should be held to the same level we hold priests to.

A Catholic employee represents the Church.

Lay teachers must realized that they are replacing nuns and other religious sisters who historically taught in Catholic Schools. The sisters taught Catholic religion during all subjects, not just during theology. We need to get back to that.

Personally, I strongly feel that everyone teaching and running a Catholic School must be Catholic. I feel children should be learning the Catholic Faith all day at Catholic school, not one subject a day.

Finally… The primary purpose of Catholic School is to teach the orthodox Catholic Faith. It’s not to teach math and science. The mission of the Catholic School is to teach the orthodox Catholic Faith THROUGH math, science, reading, writing, etc.

A Catholic school should NOT simply be another “private” school and no different from the public school.

God Bless the Archbishop of Cincinnati.


Sorry, but if you work for the Church, you should adhere to Church doctrine and teachings. I see this pushback in Church organizations as a really, really healthy development. It’s an authentic display of faith, and, I might add, the only way we can stop increasing secularization of the Church.


Lots of employers, especially healthcare employers, are now requiring very extensive personality testing to determine whether the new worker “fits” into the business plan and philosophy of the employer. Some of that can, in the case of healthcare, go so far as to disqualify people who, for religious or other reasons, have problems with the “full panoply of reproductive services”. We’ll be seeing a lot more of that as time goes on.

And so, if other employers can select or deselect employees based on individual minutiae that might or might not fit within the corporate philosophy, then why should a religious organization not be able to do it when religion is the whole point of the organization’s existence?


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