As the Deer Longs - LA Harbor Chamber Ensemble & The Holy Innocents All Women Chorus


"As The Deer Longs - performed by the Los Angeles Harbor Chamber Ensemble & The Holy Innocents All Women Chorus under the Direction of Tony Tripp

“This is a Live recording from the 9am Mass at Holy Innocents Catholic Church in Long Beach, Ca.”


I have always loved this and wanted to record it at our church last Easter.

If they do it with the church organ please record again.



Beautiful! I visited Holy Innocents last year and was very impressed with the music as well as the reverence and the way the priest offered the Mass.


Here’s another good rendition:


That’s pretty. Never heard of it before.

I though you were referring to "[As the Deer Panteth for the Water]("")", which is one of my favorite songs.


It’s one of Bob Hurd’s compositions.


Bob Hurd? Ugh. I found it extremely dull. It seems that this ensemble has some talent, it would just be nice if they applied it to worthwhile pieces.

“Nada Te Turbe” is likewise dull and draggy.


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