As Trump wrestles with defeat, pardons loom for allies -- and himself

Trump has been asking aides since 2017 about whether he can self-pardon, former aides tell CNN. One former White House official said Trump asked about self-pardons as well as pardons for his family. Trump even asked if he could issue pardons pre-emptively for things people could be charged with in the future, the former official said.

“Once he learned about it, he was obsessed with the power of pardons,” the official said. “I always thought he also liked it because it was a way to do a favor.”

Specifically by name, which officials gave the alleged “journalist” this information? I don’t recall seeing any names.
Perhaps old DNC shill Jack Dorsey will ban it from Twitter.

Could people be pardoned if there are charges that have not been filed against them and are not filed until after 20 January?

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Ford pardoned Nixon, even though no charges had been filed, not even for impeachment. At least, that is how I remember it.

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