As World Celebrates Easter Anti-Christian Violence Continues to Escalate


Dear Friends, Are you having a Good Easter Holiday?
Millions Christians around the world are being Persecuted - Let’s Pray for them…
Read this it might open your eyes…Please share
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Link provided in the OP was a blog which I don’t think counts as a news source.

Archdiocese of Sydney


Did a search at the pew institute and found this article

Always search any blogs cited references. The summary of this article is:

“Overall, across the six years of this study, religious groups were harassed in a total of 185 countries at one time or another. Members of the world’s two largest religious groups – Christians and Muslims, who together comprise more than half of the global population – were harassed in the largest number of countries, 151 and 135, respectively.34 Jews, who comprise less than 1% of the world’s population, experienced harassment in a total of 95 countries, while members of other world faiths were harassed in a total of 77 countries.”


Praying with you for the intentions of all.


I haven’t fully reviewed the site, but it seems to do a very good job of reporting on Christian persecution without resorting to sensationalism.


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