Ascension and Assumption

Since heaven is out of this world and in a spiritual realm, how is it that Jesus and Mary simply rose off the ground and floated up to heaven?? Any answer please and thanks!:slight_smile:


Angels pushed them.

actually there is no up or down or sideways else some of us would be walking upside down and some sideways - twinc

Because heaven is beyond the stars, beyond the universe.

Why is it difficult to understand that a God who could create something out of nothing could not Rise up into heaven, and then bring His mother with Him.

I think the intent of the question is not so much the fact of Jesus’ ascension and Mary’s assumption into heaven, but the method of doing it.

With respect to Mary’s assumption, it’s unclear whether in fact anyone observed it.

The apostles did observe Jesus’ ascension. He rose from the ground until their view was blocked by a cloud.

One need not speculate on the mechanics of what happened after that. He could simply have disappeared from earth space and appeared in heaven. The physical ascension may have been intended more for the benefit of the apostles than as a means of transportation.

Absolutely. The intent was to teach the Apostles unequivocally what happened to Jesus.

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