Ascension Thurs: Is it a Holy Day of Obligation in your Diocese?


Is Ascension Thursday a holy day of obligation in your diocese? I am in Rockville Centre, Long Island and Bishop William Murphy HAS made it a holy day. ** Please let us know your location, your Bishop’s name and whether it is a holy day or not this year…**

(Do you have any personal stories about Ascension Thursday-is it important to you? My son was born on Ascension Thurs and I will go to Mass whether or not it is a holy day.)


Nope. :slight_smile:

I’m in the Diocese of Richmond which is in the Province of Baltimore.


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Salford Diocese (UK), Bishop John Arnold, Ascension transferred to next Sunday. The Ascension is transferred in all the dioceses of England and Wales, as is Corpus Christi.


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Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles, Bishop Elias. We have a vigil for the feast of Ascension tonight, Holy Day-Ascencion Divine Liturgy tomorrow, Thursday.


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I see you are Eastern Rite. I know that the Archdiocese of LA under Bishop Gomez has transferred the feast to Sunday.:frowning:


No,moved to this Sunday


Whether the Ascension is observed on Thursday or Sunday is based province by province, not diocese by diocese.

In the United States it has largely been transferred to Sunday. The following provinces observe it as a holy day of obligation on Thursday: Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and Omaha.

These are the dioceses within each province:

*]Fall River
New York
*]New York
*]Rockville Centre
*]Grand Island


I’m not sure. I go to daily Mass anyhow.



I’m in Hartford, so that means I do have to go on Thursday? I kind of have places to be like… my job… I don’t know if I can make it to mass.


I posted a thread asking about this, since I was panicking seeing nothing around any nearby parish about Thursday being a HDoO.

Diocese of Joliet, Bishops Conlon and Siegel, in the Province of Chicago. We do it Sunday here.


Same here, we will observe it on Sunday.

Archbishop Alexander Sample; Portland, Oregon. :slight_smile:


Province of Boston. Observed tomorrow on the actual Thursday - not transferred.


Yes, Archdiocese of NY.


Transferred to Sunday.

And I’m not sad about that transference at all. I leave to the Bishops these decisions to make as they see fit for their flocks. God has given them authority over some part of His Church, AND God gives them the grace and wisdom they need to do the work entrusted to them.


My only memory of any Ascension Thursday was when I was in the monastery. The sisters were just gathering for second Vespers (Thursday evening) when one of the sisters came from the farm to get two of us to help our sheep give birth to her first babies!

It was a good thing we went because she gave birth to two little lambs and the birthing had a serious complication. We even had to fetch our neighbor to come help because she had more experience with sheep and goats.


Yes, you have an obligation to go to Mass on Thursday. Usually parishes have additional Masses, often in the evening so they don’t interfere with work – check your parish website or for other parishes nearby.


Thank you for this. My sources seem to agree with you. In the NY area, I have never heard the term “province,” we use the term “archdiocese.” I did not know this was determined by the archdiocese. I have learned something! You seemed to have wrapped up the issue, at least for the US!


you need to try!

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