Ascension Thursday Mass Schedule on EWTN Television: 8 AM, Noon, 7PM Eastern Standard Time on May 21

If Ascension Thursday Mass is cancelled in your diocese, you can still watch Mass on EWTN television. Mass is celebrated by the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel, and is broadcast at the following times:

  • 8 AM
  • 12 Noon
  • 7 PM

In addition, Daily Mass is broadcast at these same times on EWTN television most Mondays through Saturdays.

If you prefer the internet, here is a link:

I recognize that both of the above links look the same, but they have different internet addresses. This way, if one link doesn’t work for some reason, you can try the other.

The Ascension:

Jesus ascends into Heaven forty days after His resurrection to sit at the right hand of God the Father. (Luke 24:50-51)

Our Lord said to His Apostles before He departed from them: “If you loved Me, you would indeed rejoice that I am going to the Father.” To us also Christ repeats these words. If we love Him, we shall rejoice in His glorification; we shall rejoice with Him that, after completing His course on earth, He ascends to the right hand of His Father, there to be exalted above all the heavens in infinite glory.

But Jesus goes only to precede us; He does not separate Himself from us, nor does He separate us from Himself. If He enters into His glorious kingdom, it is to prepare a place for us there. He promises to return one day to take us with Him so that, as He says, where He is we also may be. True, we are already there in the glory and happiness of Christ, by our title as His heirs; but we shall one day be there in reality. Has not Christ asked this of His Father? “Father, I will that where I am, they also whom Thou hast given Me may be with Me.”

Let us then say to Christ Jesus: “Draw us into Your triumphal march, O glorious and all-powerful Conqueror! Make us live in heaven by faith and hope and love. Help us to detach ourselves from the fleeting things of earth in order that we may seek the true and lasting goods of heaven!”

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