Ascension vs Assumption

Both the Ascension of Jesus and Assumption of Mary are Holy Day’s of Obligation

The Ascension is moved to the nearest Sunday (possibly because Mass attendance was low), so no additional Mass is needed. However, the Assumption was deemed very important and is usually not moved to the nearest Sunday (typically only when it falls on a Saturday).

Why is this? Why is it more important to celebrate the Assumption than the Ascension? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Ascension: Jesus goes to heaven. Big deal - that’s where he came from and everybody knew he would go back. It was not an act of Grace.

Asumption: Mary is assumed body and soul into heaven, the first (and perhaps only) Christian that happens to. Apart from the Sacraments, it is the biggest act of Grace in human history.

BTW, In the US, Assumption is transferred to Sunday if it falls on Sat. or Mon.

In six US dioceses Ascension is never transferred.

You need to establish that the switch for one and not the other is related to the relative importance of one versus the other. I don’t think that the importance of one feast vs. the other has anything to do with the decision.

God bless.

It may be more difficult to remember to attend Mass on Ascension Thursday as it may fall on any date from 30 Apr through 3 Jun.*
It is easier to remember to attend on Assumption, because it always falls on 15 Aug.

(* I was ashamed of myself this year, attending a Knights of Columbus(!) meeting at a nearby parish, and none of us could figure why there was a Mass going on at the church? It was the Wednesday evening anticipated Mass of Ascension Thursday. :doh2: )

Correction: In the US, the obligation to assist at Mass is abrogated when the Solemnity of the Assumption, 15 Aug, falls on a Saturday or Monday.


Ascension: Jesus went up into heaven with on His own power, “He Ascened into heaven”
means He did need any help.

Assumption: Mary went up into heaven but not by her own power but by the grace of God towards her. God brought her up.

there lies the main difference.

It’s more important to celebrate the ascension than the assumption, therefore the ascension is moved to Sunday. The day most people can attend. (on the weekend)

Why do all these things have to be on Sunday. I can’t get to Mass then because the buses don’t run. I am stuck to Mass duriing the week :frowning:

I don’t think this is the thinking behind moving the Ascension. The intention is that because the Ascension is so important it is moved to a day when more people can go to Mass to celebrate it (most people still get off for Christmas and the Triduum, so that’s not a problem).

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