Aseity— That "God is so independent that he does not need us

It is based on Acts 17:25,
But God want us. He would not creadte us if He did not want that.
God loves us.
Do you think that he do not need us?

Do you like ice cream? Do you need it?

Acts 17:25� �He is not served by human hands, as if He needed anything, because He
Himself gives all men life and breath and everything else.�

Aseity speaks to the independence and autonomy of God He didn’t need anyone or anything in order to exist, and He still doesn’t.

Nice word, aseity. I had to look it up and it isn’t even in my abridged dictionary. Online it said it is in the lowest 20% of words looked up.:thumbsup:

I like Cristiano’s comparison. Good analogy:thumbsup:

I like ice creem. I do not need it.
Do you think that God knew that people will sinned,first Adam and Eve.

Yes I am sure that God knew that people would have sinned as soon as he chose to create them with free will. Look at the angels, same problem.

Exactly but because He loves us so much He still created us even though some turn very bad.

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