Asexuality, LGBT, & Church Teaching


I see this thread has evolved into a bit of a discussion on sexuality.
Still I think there’s more to your daughter than that. She probably has other issues stemming from her loneliness. Please encourage her to especially try and deepen her faith at this time.

Jesus Christ can fulfill all lonely places in the heart, and there are some even that ONLY He can fill.
Your daughter may not be open to the Catholic Church just yet, but try and find other groups she might join, books that might help her and music that might uplift her spirits perhaps?

Talking about sexuality with her might not be the best approach just now. Lead her to something beautiful, she’s searching!


I don’t talk sexuality with her. She’s the one who brings it up as if this is how she identifies, & I don’t believe she’s accurate in her assessment. Yes, she is old enough to decide for herself, but she’s had trauma & anxiety to deal with that I believe impacts her thinking.


Why don’t you say all their letters? It is not just LGBT!



LGBT is however, in common use including in the online media, and not everybody may be aware of its “extended” form.



You daughter could have interest boys and still not experience sexual attraction. As someone who identifies as asexual, I’ve certainly have had romantic feelings for people. I’ve still wanted to be with people… But I never wanted to be with someone… Even in that period of my life when I was away from the Church.

It’s also something that took me a long time I could admit to myself.

Whether or not it’s part of the LGBT community is debatable though. Some people in the LGBT community are cool with it since in this world, there’s nothing more queer than not wanting to have sex. Others think heteroromantic aces aren’t facing any discrimination.

I don’t think the Catholic church has any statement on asexuality though. I’d imagine they think it doesn’t matter since we don’t have a calling to have sex.


I would imagine it’s also rather rare and unadmitted (who in this or the last century would admit to not feeling sexual urges? Having two heads would be seen as less “weird.” ). So until very recently It was not an issue.



Good post @0Scarlett_nidiyilii on a difficult issue, I appreciate it.


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