I have a co worker who attended a Tuesday evening vigil Mass to recieve ashes at his parish. I have never heard of such a thing and I was curious if anybody else had.

No, but I have heard of Ash Friday and Ash Saturday. Our local prison chaplain is not able to get ashes to the inmates until the weekend following Ash Wednesday. Rather than miss out, the inmates are happy to get the ashes.

Have a holy lent.

it is an example of a refusal to embrace the spirit of the liturgical reform and holding on to an uneducated legalism in appropriate in the post-conciliar church.

The Council wished to restore a true Vigil of Sundays and solemnities. Ash Wednesday is not a solemnity, it is a day of penence. The Church calls us to extend our days of celebration by starting the evening before. Extending a day of penence seems to embraching Jansenism.

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