Ash Wednesday and lent

For Ash Wednesday, I had half of an almond & coconut bar for breakfast, and for dinner I had barley-type rice(mushrooms mixed in) and half of a tilapia.

Is that fine?

Also, I did go to mass and prayed the rosary, as well as read the 14 stations of the cross. But, later in the evening I was waiting until midnight so I could eat more. Is that wrong? I want to get the most out of lent and become closer to God/Jesus, and I think I think about something being a ‘sin’ too much. I want to have a deeper relationship with Christ.

I don’t see anything wrong with what you did. You are allowed to have two small meals and one normal meal on fast days. Looks like you had a small meal for breakfast and a normal meal for dinner. You observed the fast for the full 24 hrs, midnight Ash Wednesday to midnight Thursday. I have done the same thing here and there, though I usually get to bed before midnight.

Thabk you for your response…

The thing is, I usually don’t eat big meals anyway and I get full from large meals. But, I snack a lot more than have bigger meals. I did not snack at all on Ash Wednesday, but the breakfast and dinner meal are usually same amount of food (maybe I have a more filling dinner than the one I had on Ash Wednesday), but basically they are similar.

Oh so you are saying this is how you always eat? You are following the rules but you may not be “self-denying”. As long as you are following the rules, it is up to you how much further you go with the fast. It’s like going to church only on days of obligation versus going to church every single day. Going every day will improve your spiritual life, but there is no requirement. It is up to each person to decide how many Masses they need to be satisfied with their relationship with God.

Well, I eat a lot more than that … But it mainly consists of small snacks. I did not have any snacks though which was kinda hard for me , but the breakfast and dinner are usually the same.

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