Ash Wednesday

I have a question on fasting and I understand we are requered to do it but what im trying to understand how to fast without becoming lethargic or painfully hungry.
So are there certain higher energy yielding foods that you people eat during ash wednsday to keep up energy reserves during the fast?

I suppose that would depend on your body-type, your metabolism, what your activity level will be that day.

I focus on making sure I have enough protein and a light amount of carbs. I also drink milk if the hunger starts to make me lightheaded or incapable of focusing while I’m teaching. (I bring those milk containers that don’t need refrigeration.)

God bless you!

Eating only 3 meals in a day makes you “lethargic or painfully hungry”? You can drink juice or milk anytime during the day.

I usually eat only 2 meals & no snacks, so I guess I’m already fasting. And I don’t get faint from hunger. Last year I came close to a total fast by having only one small meal. I’ll be aiming for that again this year.

I eat the way I normally do because I am a type1 diabetic and fasting could cause me to have some very serious health issues, such as blood sugar dropping to low. I do eat nonmeat protein though. I take 5 insulin shots every day.

You’ve got an automatic pass right there. Aren’t you lucky? :eek:

I’m T2 & not on any meds, so I am able to fast. No free pass for me. :wink:

I tend to wonder if the reg. meal shouldn’t be at breakfast, esp. for those that will start the day with hard labor or stressful jobs We know that children do better at school when they have had breakfast. Just wondering again. Peace.

We have a choice in Aus. Fast, penance, almsgiving. Just NO meat.
Can you check with your parish. If you are experiencing those symptoms, it might be best to get medical checkup first.

Actually that is NOT accurate. In the Roman Rite you are supposed to have NOTHING in between but water and medicine! I just attended Ash Monday service and we have an even stricter fast than the Roman Rite (which I grew up in). Ash Monday (Eastern Rite Catholics celebrate rather than Ash Wednesday) we completely fast from Midnight till Noon Monday from ALL food and drink with the exception of water and medicine. On all Friday’s of Lent we abstain from meat which means we must all abstain from ALL meat-by-products i.e. cheese, cow’s milk, eggs, fish, etc.

Milk, eggs, cheese, are not a by product of meat.

Here is the the information on Lenten fasting and abstinence for CAtholics in the U.S.

Yes, they are. They are produced by animals, therefore a by-product. Dairy, eggs, and fats from animals were prohibited during Lent entirely at one time.

Abstaining from by-products is the older fasting rule of our own Latin Rite and still the fasting rule of the Eastern Rites and the Orthodox.

Well…I’m generally in favor of people maintaining their health and well-being, particularly if they have medical problems that preclude them from fasting.

However, in this case my advice is pretty clear: Suck it up, buttercup.

You can last a day on minimal food.

Please do not disseminate incorrect information.

Drinks such as coffee and juices are permitted in the Latin church.

Eggs for lunch, boiled, scrambled, whatever. Maybe add some spinach and cheese. That will fill you up and qualify as a small meal as long as you don’t have more than 2 or 3 eggs.

Whats the definition of byproduct? I am not disputing what is produced when a cow , reindeer, goat, camel is milked, an Avian lays an egg.
But the misuse of the term ‘by-product of meat’
For these things to be a by product of meat, they have to be made from meat. And they arent. Cheese, uses rennet, yes, but these days rennet can be synthetic in manufacture, or vegetarian.

Is an egg meat? Depends if its fertilised.

If we cant have milk, what happens to all the infants?

Do you have a link to the exact wording of that old rule.

For the record , I was talking with my priest last night about abstinence from meat. Since I am a vegetarian. He said cheese was fine to eat. I am in Australia, which may be different from your country.

You just eat less. One large meal and two small meals. A lot of people do that anyway.

I agree with you about the definition of by-product.


  1. a secondary or incidental product, as in a process of manufacture.
  2. the result of another action, often unforeseen or unintended.

As far as what happens to infants? They are not required to fast or abstain, so they would eat their normal diet. Which is generally milk (for the very young), not meat by-products.

I don’t know if this is helpful or not but,
here is a link to the February 2017 Maronite Voice magazine put out by the Maronite Eparchies in the USA. On Page 8 you’ll see a summary of traditional Maronite fasting. But, I’m not sure this is the kind of documentation you’re looking for.

Yes, the USCCB websites says liquids are allowed, and does not specify anything else about them.

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