Ash Wednesday


What other churches celebrate the Ash Wednesday?



Methodists and Lutherans do. I know because I have Methodist and Lutheran family members and friends.


ah. I believe I passed by a Methodist church on Wednesday night. I saw many cars at the church.

This Methodist church looks beautiful outside - like a Catholic church, but I have never been inside. I was wondering what it is like.


Some CoE churches here in NZ (Episcopalian)


I usually go to an Episcopalian church for Ash Wednesday.

I didn’t make it this year. :frowning:


I have been in Methodist Churches. They are beautiful. I have family and friends who are Methodist. One of my friends is a Methodist pastor. His wife is Catholic. He has never tried to convert her to Methodist (she is practicing Catholic). I had a difficult situation in my life a couple years ago, and I asked my Methodist minister friend to pray with me. He read some Bible verses (Matthew 6:31-34) and prayed. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me immediately. God heard our prayer, and my situation did get better.


I am curious about the Church. I may stop by some day - not that I want to convert, but to see what the similarities we share.

Matthew 6:31-34 is a great passage, and I too feel a lot happier believing in the message.


I am sorry you missed the Mass, but you know the season didn’t last one day. Keep the Lent season in your heart and prayer. :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: I definately intend to.


Same here. :thumbsup: :amen: :bible1:


Read an article about some Southern Baptist churches in Texas now observing Ash Wednesday and Lent.


Do you have a link to the article?


Hi everybody Im new here although Ive been lurking a bit.

In my neck of the woods it is basically the Anglican, Lutheran and Methodist Churches that celebrate Ash Wednesday to a certain extent.

God Bless

Ad Jesu Per Mariam


Here in Vermont we have historically had a lot of people who were “Congregational”. Back in the late 1950s most of them became a part of the United Church of Christ (which is something different from the Church of Christ, BTW). Each church is ‘autonomous’ but they have a sort of ‘umbrella’ organization whereby every church sends delegates to a “congress”. Anyhoo, some of the churches here are more on the ‘gay friendly’ side and some more on the ‘evangelical’ side (if you go to the web site and look for the churches in Vermont they actually have noted which churches are ‘gay friendly’). From what I have seen, the more evangelical ones have in the last decade or so started Ash Wednesday services, and are much more complementary of Catholics, the ECFs, traditional Catholic practices etc. than would have been the case before. But I’ve only been to a few, and one thing about UCC Churches, because they are pretty much ‘run by the people’ (who ‘call’ or elect their pastor), they can change almost in the blink of an eye if the congregation has a change in the overall POV; meaning the church that was totally ‘conservative’ last year, if a couple of its more dominant members die or leave, and a couple of very vocal proponents of a more liberal event join and get involved in the church’s running, can ‘overnight’ become totally liberal. Again, this is something I have seen in a handful of churches but which I am assured by members of longstanding is a recognizable and usual thing.

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