Ashes for children

Hi. I have two 4yo kids. I am taking them to Ash Wednesday mass. My question is, as a regular practice, will the priest give them ashes if they approach him in the line? I recall they got them two years ago, but I could not tell if it was a “side thing” or if that is something that will normally occur. Thank you.

I believe it’s a normal practice. I’ve never seen a priest deny ashes to anyone.
While the symbolism that the ashes evoke may not apply to children, who are essentially sinless, there’s no reason to deny ashes to anyone, even non-catholics.

So I doubt any priest would deny the ashes to children.

Everyone will get them. Including babies.
It’s an optional practice, so no worries if they rub them off.
Be at peace.

It’s perfectly appropriate for them to receive Ashes.

Ever one should get the ash,s ,because we all belong to God,we are his chilren,for all of us will return too ash,s .
As it is said From dust to dust shall we return.
So I would say yes, but If the priest does n,t do it ,it may be because off their age,but you can call the-church and find out more, than I can say ,for the priest know more about it,than I do. God Bless.

It’s difficult to read and understand what you’re trying to say here, but in the Creed we profess a belief in the resurrection of the body. I think believing that we are God’s children means our faith is in the fact that we won’t end up as merely dust again.

It is a Catholic tradition, that we do from the being on Ash Wed,too Easter Sunday ,know to us Catholic,as the forty days off Lent.I do not know if other,s follow this tradition. God Bless


GREAT example and Lesson too:thumbsup:

I am on staff at a parish I was asked to bring ashes to our preschool to “distribute”.

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