Asheville abortion clinic to close Saturday


ASHEVILLE – Western North Carolina’s only abortion clinic will close its doors Saturday, leaving the area without a provider of abortion services for at least six months until a new clinic is opened.

Dr. Lorraine Cummings, who owns the business and serves as its sole physician, put the building up for sale in March. The clinic opened in 1985 near downtown Asheville, and has been the city’s only provider of abortion services for many years.

A spokesperson for Femcare confirmed that the clinic would close Saturday, but declined any further comment.


Good news.

May I share this with you and you can help me bring this to People’s attention. I’m new and dont know how to post new thread yet. :slight_smile:
This could be a cause of abortion and kidnapping kids there in East Asia.
This is in Vietnamese but the matter is what’s going on in China.
None of the West has known this yet I guess.

God bless.


Planned Parenthood says they have property and plans to open a new clinic.
As it stands, there are no abortion centers west of Charlotte here in NC.



“It is a poverty that a “child must die”, So that you may live as you wish.”
-Mother Teresa
Today Northern Alabama!

Tomorrow Ashville!

At the rate of one per day … :slight_smile:

The dominoes are starting to fall!


I happened to walk past that ‘clinic’ while I was on vacation last summer, and was deeply saddened. I said a quick prayer for the children lost in that building :signofcross:, and am so glad to hear that it will shutdown for good! :extrahappy:




Yes, according to the news article the closure of Femcare was supposed to coincide with the opening of Planned Parenthood’s clinic. A spokesman for PP said they had been closely working with the doctor at Femcare to make it happen. However, a delay has occurred, leading to a temporary absence of abortion, which PP described as “unfortunate.”


Please walk past the White House and pray when you get a chance. :dancing:


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