Ashya King found in Spain as father speaks in video


A five-year-old boy with a brain tumour who was removed from a UK hospital by his parents has been found in Spain.

Ashya King was taken to a hospital in Malaga and his parents arrested, Hampshire police said.

His father Brett King defended his actions in a video posted on YouTube, saying the family were seeking a treatment Ashya had not been offered.

His disappearance from Southampton General Hospital on Thursday sparked an international search.

Hampshire Constabulary said it had obtained a European arrest warrant on the grounds of neglect. The five-year-old had been removed from hospital against medical advice.

In the video Mr King said his son was doing well, indicated a machine used to feed him was operating normally and called for the “ridiculous chase” to be called off.

Support for the parents’ actions has also been voiced by some users of social media.



At first when i heard on the news that they fled with their dying child i thought that maybe it was something to do with their jehovah witness faith…

But today on the news it said the only reason they took their child oversea was to get him a treatment not offered on nhs in uk…why should they be punished for trying to save his life when plenty of other parents fly wick children overseas for lifesaving treatment?


And here’s what makes no sense. If you read the article, the NHS has approved that treatment beginning in 2018! From what I can read into this, there is some bureaucrat who got angry and is persecuting the parents.

Better watch out in this country. If you thought socialized medicine was about getting people well, think it through. It is coming to this country as government health systems are beginning to track whether you follow the doctors plan of care on discharge and no longer paying for re-admittance to healthcare if the plan is not followed to the T. It’s one step away from getting a knock on your door if you check yourself out of the hospital.

The whole story is just kind of irritating and a foretelling of what we will be facing in the not too distant future. Ugh!


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