Asia Babi's Christmas: I Don't Hate Anyone." (Condemned to Death for Supposedly Saying Something against Mohammed)


After an argument with other women in Pakistan, they accused her of speaking against Mohammed, which she denies. In 2010 a judge sentenced her to death. Spending her life in prison with prayer and a Bible, she says “I do not feel hatred toward anyone… I forgive everyone and I pray for those who have caused me hurt.”
This has received worldwide attention and criticism, and Pope Benedict XVI said the charges against her should be dismissed.


Praying …


Praying for her and her persecutors, who I hope will see her perseverance and be converted. I believe she already is a kind of martyr, a witness. God bless her.


I’d rather be stoned right away than spend six years in a Pakistani prison.

What a brave woman. Jesus, please remember her this Christmas.


Appalling, absolutely appalling, so much for Islam being a ‘religion of peace’ yea right. And that the west has bent over backwards in so many ways to kiss their ***. :dts: These are probably Obama’s ‘moderates’

I hope she gets off and can get out of that Country. She is the kind of Refugee I want coming into Australia.

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Using the article to support sweeping views regarding Islam strikes me as something Pope Francis would also deplore. Pakistan has long had problems with religious persecution and that affects Christians and other groups, including Muslims from sects which are not part of the mainstream and dominant form of the faith. Also local justice in Pakistan is notoriously corrupt and ruled by a ‘brown envelope’ culture or bribes.


I probably should not have painted a broad brush over all of Islam, but this is not something irrelevant of Islam and it’s teachings either. There are other examples.

For example, Muhammad is said to have married Aisha at age 6 and consummated that marriage at age 9, now that’s pedophilia, the last and greatest prophet who supersedes any others according to Islam, and I can imagine what would happen to me saying this in any Islamic Country in the world. Let alone even in the west, in which others have been attacked for saying it even in the west.

I am appalled that when I had to learn about Islam at School, we learned about how Aisha was Muhammad’s favorite wife, yet not one word about how he married her at age 6 and consummated that marriage at age 9.

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Whether it was consummated or not at age 9 is a point that is debated. Also viewing issues of that era through today’s lenses can be problematic as there is many a figure revered in Christian and particularly Catholic history who married at what would seem absurdly young ages to use today. The theotokos herself is by tradition supposed to have been no older than 13 or so when Christ was born by way of comparison. Bethrotal and marriage at very, very young ages was long the custom in much of the world, I don’t have to go back more than 2 generations in my family to find examples of girls been married at 13 or 14 and already having at least one child. Mohammad was not I would submit a paedophile and the charge thrown at him in that regards fails to take into account the culture and world of the era he lived in and attempts to use a paradigm of this era and glue it over an era of nigh on 1500 years ago.


This in no way relates to the article.


I beg to differ, she is on trial and could possibly face the death penalty for ‘supposedly’ saying something against Muhammad, I think everyone would agree that saying Muhammad practiced pedophilia if he married with Aisha at age 6 and consummated that marriage at age 9 is something against Muhammad, very much so and that’s essentially what I have just said.

And this is also the faith that some in the west bend over backwards to appease, one in which if it does get a leg up in the west, I certainly will not be able to call anyone’s attention to this. I would not call someone’s attention to this about Muhammad unless I felt I absolutely had to, because it could cost my life. Good thing this is an anonymous forum board.

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Truth is unchangeable, if it was okay for Muhammad (Their last and greatest prophet who supersedes any others) to take a wife at age 6 and consummate that marriage at age 9, which many all agree on, than it is okay for any Muslim to do it, and this is unacceptable.

So perhaps as 1 litmus test, we could ask where they stand on this issue, and make them aware that doing such here in the west is pedophilia and punishable under the law, and then ask whether they still want to come here.

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God Bless

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Praying for the release of Asia Bibi
and the conversion of the Muslims.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
Our Lady of Tepeyac, pray for us.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.
Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


I know no Muslim girls married at 9, issues around arranged marriages and other concerns do exist in some parts of the Muslim community. However it is also easy to stereotype Muslim women, most of the Muslim women I have known are fairly strong willed and not pushovers by any means. The assumption that Muslims are naturally inclined to paedophilia is as wrong headed as similar assumptions that are sometimes made about Catholics.


I know there’s no central Muslim authority figure, but has any Muslim leader condemned this injustice?


I never said that. Not all are inclined to it, but it is justified if Muhammad did it, and it does justify those who are inclined to it in Islam if Muhammad did it, which is unacceptable.

And perhaps if you don’t want to talk about that issue, we could also talk about how it’s held by many Muslims that apostasy is punishable by death (Among other things), which if such is the case, would make it a cult, as one would be killed if they try to leave, this is also unaccaeptable.

So id certainly like to know where they stand on these issues before any come into our nation.

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God Bless

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Nearly half a million of your fellow Australians are Muslim, why not ask them? You will probably find as with any such question a huge range of opinions amongst those people.


Just like you can find ‘Christians’ who are for same sex marriage and abortion. Our scriptures do not support that view though.

“Never judge a philosophy by it’s abuse” - St Augustine.

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If there were any they would have face death. In fact, the Muslim Punjab Provincial Governor was assassinated for defending Asia:


The son of a Pakistani governor killed for criticising the country’s blasphemy laws may face charges under the same laws after posting a video …] One of those charged under the law and mentioned in Shaan Taseer’s message is Asia Bibi


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