Asia Bibi finally free to leave Pakistan

I guess this happened yesterday, but Asia Bibi’s acquittal was upheld by the Pakistan Supreme Court and she is no longer barred from leaving the country:

LAHORE, Pakistan (RNS) — Pakistan’s Supreme Court has dismissed a petition by Islamists to overturn the acquittal of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman previously convicted of blasphemy, freeing her to leave the country and join her daughters in Canada.

Bibi has been in hiding since her acquittal last fall. According to published reports, two of her daughters have left Pakistan for Canada and hope their mother can rejoin them there.

“This is a black day for Pakistan,” said Munib Butt, a 19-year-old Lahore-based student who is not part of Labbaik. “What are we telling the world? That even defaming Islam is all right in this Islamic country?”

Hopefully she is able to leave Pakistan soon and rejoin her family. And hopefully Canada won’t hesitate to take her, and some lunatic Islamist won’t try to seek vengeance on her or her family in Canada, or on Christians in Pakistan.

Personally I am impressed at what a strong woman Asia Bibi is, to deal with all this insanity for 10yrs and not fold to the pressure to admit to blasphemy or convert. She is truly an inspiration in the faith.

Thank God!

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