ASIA/INDIA - Prayer and Fasting to say "No" to anti-Christian violence

New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) - The Indian Christian communities, of all denominations, scattered in different states of the Indian Federation, live today, October 2, a special day of community prayer and fasting, to invoke “non-violence and the blessing of God on the nation.” As reported to Fides by communities and local Christian associations, the faithful say “No” to all forms of violence, after the recent attacks on Christians, and call for "truth, justice and transparency in society; an ethical and honest government; an impartial and effective judiciary; respect for the law and the rights of women; the development of the poor; reconciliation between communities and castes. "In a statement sent to Fides, the “Evangelical Fellowship of India,” notes that Indian Christians are shocked by the recent episodes of violence. On 24 September in Krutamgarh, in Kandhamal district, in the state of Orissa, 12 Hindu extremists from the movement “Bajrang Dal” interrupted a prayer meeting and beat a Pastor, wounding him seriously. Believers tried to escape, but the extremists stopped and beat the young Pastor Mantu Nayak, who suffered serious injuries to the head and fractures in both arms.In Orissa, the community also recalls the suspicious death of the Baptist Pastor Nirakant Pradhan, 48, a native of Kandhmal. A year ago Pradhan had been summoned by the local police, but he never returned home. The Pastor, officially arrested on October 6, 2011, was accused of providing provisions to Maoist rebels. In May 2012 his family were informed that Pastor Nirakant Pradhan had died in prison due to illness. In recent days, Hindu fanatics launched a series of attacks against Christians in the state of Uttar Pradesh, accusing them of forced conversions, and stopped the upcoming wedding between two young Christians with threats because they “belong to different castes.” In addition, in the state of Chhattisgarh, police arrested Pastor Anand Nirala who, according to radical Hindu groups, carried out forced conversions, spreading derogatory remarks against Hindu gods and disturbed social peace. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 02/10/2012)

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What is the world coming to? It seems Chrisitians are being persecuted everywhere. The only difference is the degree. Now is the time to really pray for our nations, maybe even the world.

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