ASIA/IRAQ - The last Christian families leave Mosul


From Agenzia Fides

Mosul (Agenzia Fides) - The last Christian families still present in Mosul are leaving the city and are heading towards Erbil, Dohuk and other areas of Iraqi Kurdistan which are considered safer. This is confirmed by sources of the local Chaldean community to Fides Agency. The new exodus has accelerated in the past two days, after Sunni insurgents and militants of the Islamic Caliphate began to mark with letters of recognition the homes of Christians and Shiites. As reported by the website, the evacuation of the last Christians is also due to the intensification of the bombing carried out by the military government on many areas of the city, especially at night. In many villages of the Nineveh Plain, the main emergency is currently represented by the suspension of water supply, made even more unbearable due to high temperatures. (GV) (Agenzia Fides 18/07/2014)

This is an unmitigated tragedy. Iraq has one of the most ancient Christian civilizations.

What is (IMHO) the worst part of it is that the US Government is directly responsible for this:
*]By overthrowing a (relatively) tolerant government and then allowing a (relatively) weak government to take over, resulting in a power vacuum that left the country vulnerable (the war that resulted in the overthrow is one thing…the occupation that followed the war was an unmitigated failure)
*]By sponsoring the Syrian “rebels” that morphed into ISIL

May God protect these Christian refugees and may God have mercy on us for allowing our government to act as patrons to their persecutors.


This is so sad. :frowning: I wonder if anything is going to be done about the “Islamic Caliphate” which is causing all of these problems?


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