ASIA-ITALY - Everything suggests that the American bonds seized at Chiasso are real [AN]

Milan (AsiaNews) – Four weeks have passed since American bonds worth 134.5 billion dollars were confiscated from two Japanese who were travelling on a direct train to Chiasso, Switzerland, and while there has been clarification of some points, very few, Italian authorities have remained silent on the rest of the episode.

In addition, a strange coincidence in the timing of the arrest of a director of an internet radio who had made revelations regarding the incident increases the already strong oddities surrounding the case. This added to the revaluation of the fact that among the evidence seized there were “Kennedy Bond” all points toward the authenticity of the items seized by the Guardia di Finanza (GdF) in early June.

The major English-speaking newspapers ignored the story for a couple of weeks. They only started to report on it after the Bloomberg agency carried a story on 18 / 6, in which a spokesman for the Treasury, Meyerhardt, declared that the bonds, based on photos available on the Internet, were “clearly false.” The same day, the Financial Times (FT) published an article whose title laid the blame for the (alleged) infringement at the feet of the Italian Mafia, despite the fact that the article failed to make even one possible connection with the episode in Chiasso. Nevertheless, the version of events as reported in FT was taken up by others as being “appropriate” (given that it is a very common cliché about Italy and it is a sequester that took place in Italy) and in the end “colourful.” It’s a pity that it goes against all logic: that the Mafia tried to pass unnoticed in its attempt to dump fake bonds amounting to 134.5 billion dollars and moreover were to “stung” a mere step from their gaol, is not very credible.


Police said that Chiasso was a notorious crossing point for currency and bond smugglers but the sums involved this time were “colossal”. The amount **of $134 billion **would place the two travellers as the fourth most important investors in US debt, well ahead of Britain ($128.2 billion) and just behind Russia ($138.4 billion).

I’m confused on why this isn’t a major news story. If they are real, how did these 2 people get their hands on them? If they are counterfeit, how were they made? For what purpose?

On March 30, 2009, the US Treasury Department announced that USD $134.5 billion remained in its Troubled Asset Relief Program [TARP]. The same amount as the seized bearer bonds was $134.5 billion.

Iran-Contra was a money scheme proving the US is not above doing anything in what they think is their “best interest” even if completely illegal. A country that believes killing is in a persons best interest, abortion and euthanasia, is not to be trusted with anything.

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